WriteMyEssay Review: Academic Writing Company You Can Trust

05.11.2020 Visit WriteMyEssay

At Trusted Essay Reviews, our goal is to promote student success in a number of ways. We have a platform for our registered users to communicate with each other, to pose challenges and issues, and to provide tips and strategies that have helped them. We also maintain a blog and other forums as resources for students to access.

But by far, our most important task is to investigate those writing companies that are marketing their services to students, promising them that they offer the very best in the industry. Our goal is to dig deep into these writing services and separate them out into categories of highly recommended, recommended, neutral, and not so good. We use the same elements of evaluation for all of our reviews, provide numerical ratings and write up a summary with great detail.

This WriteMyEssay review is the compilation of our investigation.

What About Their Payment System?

We look at three important elements within this category – whether pricing is comparable to other trusted companies; whether pricing is separated by type, student academic level, and the required deadline date/time.; and whether there are appropriate security levels for making payments.

  • WriteMyEssay pricing does fall within a good scope. The cost of writing from scratch begins at $14.99/page; cost for paraphrasing (re-writing) begins at $10.49/page; and editing begins at $8.99/page.
  • WriteMyEssay does have separate categories of services, priced as previously stated. We like to see this. And the base prices do change as other specifications are added to the basic.
  • We are confident that payment methods are secure. It took us a bit of time to get this information, and we had to call customer support. Payment methods are not mentioned until the ordering process. But we did learn that customers can use PayPal and run their card information through that platform. This is quite secure. Those who do not do this will be presenting their financial information to a secure third-party processor.
  • During the order/checkout process, students have options for higher level writers, one-page summaries, detailed plagiarism reports, personal customer support, and more. These come with additional costs.

Overall, WriteMyEssay pricing and pricing system are what we do see in almost all of those writing services we rate well and recommend.

There are On-Campus Solutions

WriteMyEssay lists only three types of services – writing from scratch, paraphrasing(using writers help, not scientific paraphrasing tool), and final editing. These are briefly described via a drop-down menu.

The obvious huge category of service is writing from scratch. Digging deeper into this category, as we navigated through the many WriteMyEssay pages, we did learn that WriteMyEssay.biz does provide writing services of every type, for any student. There is a huge selection of footer pages describing all of the many types of writing, and we read several of them.

In short, students can get anything from a basic essay of 7 varieties, admissions and scholarship essays, and research essays.

In addition, WriteMyEssay lists the following additional writing projects:

  • Research Papers
  • Coursework Writing
  • Term Papers
  • Case Studies
  • Dissertations and Theses
  • Biographies and Autobiographies

The WriteMyEssay services pages also state that if any student has a unique need that is not mentioned, they need to contact customer support and discuss that need.

As to quality, we have done a few things to evaluate this:

  • We read through an exhaustive amount of content on the WriteMyEssay website. Some of it is very well written. Some of it reads as if ESL writers have been at work – some grammar and word usage errors.
  • We looked through the posts and comments of users of our site who have used WriteMyEssay services. Some were quite complimentary; others not as much. It seems that younger students were mostly ESL students were also happy. College level students were not as happy and stated that they had to request revisions to final drafts and, even then, the pieces were not as they would have liked.
  • On the web, there is surprisingly little conversation about WriteMyEssay. Site Jabber had only one review, and it was negative. Trustpilot had none at all. This is unusual for a company that has been around for 10 years.
  • There are three samples posted on the WriteMyEssay website. While the writing was certainly informal English, there were word usage errors that indicate a non-ENL writer.

We have mixed feelings about quality here. It seems to depend upon the assigned writer and the schooling level of the customer.

Payment Methods

Customers will be hard pressed to find much information on WriteMyEssay payment methods until they get to the actual ordering phase of their journey.

In terms of how students may pay for their orders, PayPal is perhaps the best choice. Even without an account with PayPal, customers can run their bank cards through this platform, and it is wholly secure.

Should a student choose to pay through straight use of his bank card, WriteMyEssay does use the services of a third-party secure payment processor.

We are comfortable with the payment methods that WriteMyEssay offers.


We urge students to review the Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy that WriteMyEssay.biz has on its site. These will provide some of the guarantees we want to see. Others are covered in the website content. Here are the important promises you will want to note:

  • Privacy: Customers will have to provide certain personal information when they place an order and set up an account on the WriteMyEssay website. This information is securely stored within the system, and students are provided with an ID number they are to use with their personal account.
  • Satisfaction: This guarantee comes in the form of revision requests if a student is not happy with the final draft he receives. Revisions are free, so long as requested within a specific time frame of receiving the final draft. If revision requests change the original order instructions, then the change is considered an edit, and there will be a charge.
  • Deadline Met: WriteMyEssay promises to deliver final drafts by the student’s deadline requirement. Customer feedback we have confirms this.
  • Originality: WriteMyEssay guarantees that all written products are free from plagiarism and that each final draft is scanned for originality prior to delivery.
  • Refunds: There are some conditions that WriteMyEssay agrees to meet the need for refunds – partial or full. These are contained in the Terms and Conditions document. All refund requests must be submitted within a certain time frame, and each case is handled individually.

WriteMyEssay.biz provides the promises that we want to see.

Is Site Legit?

Given that WriteMyEssay.biz has been around for 10 years, we would say that this website represents a legitimate company. WriteMyEssay does market to students, has a process in place for receiving orders, assigning writers, and delivering those orders back to their customers. They also provide clear pricing and secure payment methods. These are the basic characteristics that we must see to confirm legitimacy.


  • Lots of detailed content for visitors to read and review
  • Secure payment methods
  • Guarantees that protect customers
  • Direct communication with the writer


  • Very little off-site customer feedback
  • Samples are old and do contain some grammatical and word usage errors
  • Repetitive content

To Sum Up

WriteMyEssay.biz has been around for a while, and it is surprising that there is so little customer review and feedback comment. That said, WriteMyEssay meets all of our expectations for a legitimate writing company, though we couldn’t call it the best college essay writing service. We would suggest that the company condense its site content, as much is repetitive and unnecessary. We would also suggest that it provide more current samples that are of higher quality.