WiseEssays Review – Is the Popular Essay Writing Service a Good Choice?

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WiseEssays Writing Service

WiseEssays is among many essay writing websites that you can find after a simple Google search. It has been around for plenty of time, meaning it gives you some expectations. Upon checking WiseEssays.com, many visitors are happy with the layout of the site and how organized it is. Yet, there is no guarantee that the business is trustworthy and that it can fulfill your requirements.

When you’re too exhausted from academic work and your job, writing an essay may be the last thing you want – that’s when you look for writing services. WiseEssays may be raising some questions when you check feedback and see a combination of good and bad reviews, not knowing which ones are legit. So, should you trust them with your cash and projects? Let’s find out!

WiseEssays Overview

Steadi Lts. is a company behind WiseEssays, and it has been helping students for 9 years. Over the years, it managed to make a name for itself and is recognized by a lot of students who searched for essay writing help.

Accessing WiseEssays.com is going to bring you to a well-established website, from a design point of view. It looks like the team put in a lot of effort to look as professional as they can, using a nice color combination. Therefore, it looks solid, and you could be tempted to trust these people with your cash and content.

Still, the site has some issues. Their writers are not top-notch, and many people declared content they received was poorly created. And unlike the nicely looking platform, the order form is quite complicated and off-putting.

How Much Does Their Service Cost?

In terms of prices, WiseEssays is pretty decent. Rates per page are not huge. Many of services they offer for essays, coursework, term papers, or anything else cost only 14.95 on average. It may be a little high when you think you may need more than one page, but it’s still not overpriced.

Dissertation services are a little pricier. They cost around 16.95. Admission services are even more expensive, going as high as 20.45. But they are pretty reasonable.

WiseEssays claim to be one of top services and that even though their prices are reasonable, the quality doesn’t decrease. According to them, they understand financial struggles students may go through, and that’s why they make sure prices are not exaggerated.

Another good thing is that they also offer discounts, which is great for people on a tight budget. The first order receives a 15% discount. For a second order, you receive a 10% one.

You can take advantage of life-long discounts as well if you use the service regularly and order more pages. Between 20-49 pages, you receive a 5% discount. Between 50-99 pages, you get a 10% discount. Once you pass 100 pages, you will have a 15% discount. Volume-based offers and discounts exist too. So, they’re taking the discounts seriously, which is good to see.

Types of Services

WiseEssays.com added as many writing categories as they could. One of the services they offer is academic writing, which includes coursework, essays, articles, research papers, book reviews, term papers, case studies, and annotated bibliography.

They also offer editing and proofreading for people who want to make sure their work is impeccable. Admission services are available as well, for people who need an admission or application essay.

You could seek dissertation services as well. WiseEssays.com writers will also work on your assignments, such as statistics projects, PowerPoint presentations, report writing, physics/maths/chemistry problems, multiple-choice questions, and group projects.

Therefore, WiseEssays really tries to offer all types of services, which is convenient for everyone visiting the website.

WiseEssays.com also has services for multiple levels of study, such as high school, college, undergraduate, graduate, Ph.D.

On their main page, they talk about how services they offer are provided by experienced, professional writers. They employ writers with enough educational background and knowledge to be able to write high-quality essays. But their track record shows something different – many people have received badly-written essays with poor grammar and even the best grammar software couldn’t help. This would be impossible if the writers were professional. Someone skilled in creating essays should know proper English and do proper research before writing an essay.

Customer support can be contacted 24/7, which is good.

Payment Options

A good thing about WiseEssays is that they have quite a lot of payment methods, compared to other similar companies. Payment methods they allow include MasterCard, Maestro, VISA, PayPal, American Express, JCB, Discover, Wire Transfer, Delta.

Even better than the number of payment methods is the fact that information you share with the site will be confidential. It will not be shared with third parties and will be secured. So, from this point of view, at least, we can say that WiseEssays got things right.


WiseEssays offers a few guarantees so they can be more trustworthy and attract customers. The guarantees work in the advantage of clients. Here’s what they bring to the table.

●      Money Back

Money-back guarantees are crucial, so WiseEssays gets a big pro for this. If you receive any late submissions or work isn’t delivered, you could ask for your money back according to the policy they have in place.

A full refund will be offered in case the writer fails to give you a first version of the project on time. However, if you want to use work received even if the writer sent it late, or you received a revised paper after the deadline, then you cannot get a full refund.

●      Revision Policy

There are moments when you receive your paper on time, but it’s poorly written. As long as you can give enough reasons, you can receive a free revision so your assignment can be polished by the writer. You must make sure that you request the revision within 3 days after the writer sent you the material.

Once WiseEssays writer revises within the order deadline of 14 days, you must bring up any issues within 3 days. Otherwise, there will be no refund.

●      No Plagiarism Guarantee

WiseEssays has a plagiarism-free guarantee in place, which ensures that work you receive in exchange for money will be 100% original. But even if this guarantee is in place, you must know that it is still possible that a writer will mess up – which is why the revision guarantee exists in the first place. You can use best plagiarism detector after to be sure.

Is This Site Legit?

WiseEssays is a legit company. Registered in Bulgaria, the business is legal and running properly, and it’s been like this since 2011. But if the agency is legit, it doesn’t mean it’s that good. WiseEssays has its fair share of negative reviews, which occurred due to late papers or poor-quality essays. Of course, that doesn’t mean that all essays reviews are bad, but it’s worth looking at the downsides before you trust the site.


  • Support staff is pretty friendly, and they are always available and willing to help you with potential issues. This is a nice thing among so many disadvantages.
  • Prices are not the highest; they are pretty decent and affordable for most students in need of an urgent paper
  • Diversity is something they considered when creating an agency as they offer many types of content


  • You will find numerous negative reviews about the company
  • Many people received plagiarized work or poorly written papers, despite the plagiarism-free guarantee
  • Writers may be late sometimes

To Sum Up

WiseEssays is not the best choice when it comes to essay writing services or legit research paper writing services. Their prices are not among the highest, and they provide diversity. Still, the quality of content is not always the best. You don’t want to waste time and money on a company that doesn’t deliver what you want, so it’s best not to take any risks.

If you need a paper done by a professional writer, we recommend checking other such services. Many of them have better prices and offers than this platform and could help you get a top-notch paper.