TrustEssays Review: How Trustworthy is the Writing Service?

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Our website was established with a single purpose in mind. We want students to have all of the resources they need to be successful. Sometimes, those resources involve writing assistance from professional online writing companies. But it’s hard for students to know which ones are truly great, which ones are rather mediocre, and which ones are outright scams. That’s where we come in. We do the deep digging and produce reports on all the writing services we review. And we dug deep into as we always do. We looked at:

  • Every page of the TrustEssays website, looking for all of the information the company gives its visitors
  • Evaluated the quality of English writing of the site content
  • Reviewed several samples and blog posts
  • Compared TrustEssays pricing and fees with those of other writing companies we recommend
  • Looked at discounts and other benefits
  • Sought out actual customers and read what they have had to say about their experiences with TrustEssays

Here you will find our TrustEssays review that reveals our findings and our recommendations.

Pricing System

Potential customers who access the TrustEssays website will be able to get a preliminary quote estimate by just providing a few details. This is not a fixed price, but it gives visitors an idea of costs. The final fixed cost will be calculated during the ordering process and may include discounts or some extras that can be opted for.

Pricing is based on three factors, as it should be – the type of piece being order, the school level of the customer, and the delivery time requirement. And there are different price ranges for different types of writing categories.

There are discounts to be had at TrustEssays. All new customers get 15% off their first order. Other discounts can range between 5 – 15%. The details are in the “discounts” link. But we did talk to the customer support department and were told that there are other special sales during the year, and these are always posted on the site.

There are also the standard free benefits – title, table of contents, and bibliography pages, formatting, revisions, and a plagiarism scan to guarantee originality.

There are other benefits that can be selected for a fee through options on the order form. These include such things as a more expert writer, a one-page summary, a full plagiarism report, and individualized customer support.

Types of Services

Here is where the “rubber meets the road.” What we want to see, unless the writing company is strictly focused on one small category, is a number of products and services to provide customers with one place for all of their needs. TrustEssays does not disappoint. Here are its offerings for different types of customers:

For Students

  • Common 5-paragraph essays, usually for English courses
  • Complex essays that require research and that will be much longer
  • Research papers, assigned to writers with expertise in the content field and a degree level matched to the student’s schooling level
  • Speeches and presentations
  • Admissions writing needs
  • Lab reports
  • Case studies
  • Homework and test-taking
  • STEM problem sets and problem-solving
  • Analyses
  • Critiques
  • Re-writing
  • Sections or chapters of theses and dissertations
  • Editing and proofreading

For Businesses and Professionals

  • White papers
  • Website copy
  • Blog and social media posts
  • Press releases
  • All types of marketing materials
  • Business Proposals; business plans
  • Reports
  • E-books
  • Resumes, CV’s, cover letters, mock interviews
  • Any other type of ghostwriting
  • Editing and proofreading

So, the quantity is clearly here. Now, about that quality.

We judge quality based on several factors:

  • Written content on the company website – this is very well done.
  • We reviewed samples of various types and at different academic levels. We read a high school paper on recycling, a college level essay on macronutrients, a college literary analysis on Herman Melville, and a graduate piece on leadership in the workplace. All were scholarly and well-written
  • Blog Posts: There are lots of interesting articles related to student life, to becoming a better writer, and more. We enjoyed reading several of these.
  • We read every comment that was posted on our site. These are student customers who ordered and received pieces of writing from TrustEssays. Every last one of these customers had praise for the company. They were happy with the product quality; they got answers to their questions if they had any. Deliveries came on time, and they had direct conversations with their writers. Two commenters ended up asking for revisions, and they got them free of charge.
  • When we checked consumer review websites, we got pretty much the same story – a high level of customer satisfaction.

TrustEssays gets the highest of marks from us regarding quality.

Payment Options

TrustEssays offers payment by every method a customer might need to use – every major credit card or PayPal. This easily serves an international customer base.

There is no need to worry about payment security at TrustEssays. Like all major online retailers, the company does not collect or store financial information. Once a customer clicks the “Submit payment” button, that customer is picked up by a secure payment processing firm that handles the transaction. There are several reputable processors used by retailers, and TrustEssays uses one of them. No worries here.


We like to see written policies because they usually contain some of the company’s guarantees. TrustEssays has four of them – Privacy, Cookies, Terms of Use, and Money-Back. Anyone wanting to do business with should review these, so they understand the company operations and what rights customers have. We are here providing a brief summary of the guarantees found in policies and in other places on the website.

  1. Privacy: There is a policy that covers most of what customers can expect in the way of confidentiality. The important guarantee here is that customer personal information is encrypted and protected. Customers are given ID numbers.
  2. No Plagiarism: this is a critical guarantee because there are plenty of bad writing services out there that do plagiarize. TrustEssays scans all of its products for plagiarism and guarantees there will never be an instance of this. Also important is the guarantee that once a customer takes delivery of a product, it is wiped from the TrustEssays system, so that no one else can ever get a hold of it.
  3. Revisions: customers can always ask for revisions by contacting their writers or the customer support department. These are usually free, but there are exceptions. Customers should check with customer support about those exceptions. They are reasonable.
  4. On-Time Delivery: TrustEssays guarantees on-time delivery. Should this ever not happen, there will be refunds and additional benefits.
  5. Money-Back Guarantee: TrustEssays lists all of the conditions that merit refunds. Again, these are clear and reasonable.
  6. Customer Specific Instructions: Instructions are expected in the ordering process. And these are passed on to writers. The end product is checked against those instructions, and any issues are fixed before final delivery. A quick contact with the writer or customer support will get any overlooked instructions taken care of.

Customers state that TrustEssays guarantees are honored.

Is Site Legit?

If you have not already concluded this, we will repeat our findings. is not just a legitimate company. It is a premier writing service that goes well beyond what we want to see in a writing service. Its commitment to its customers is obvious in its business model, its policies, its operations, and its practices. High marks here for certain.


Here are the most important pros of TrustEssays:

  • Exceptional quality of research and writing
  • Responsive and helpful customer support department
  • Good matching of orders and qualified writers
  • Guarantees that are clear and honored


We don’t see “cons” per se. What we would suggest are the following:

  • An update of the blog. Some of the articles are timeless, but others are not. Students have new issues in this current environment and could use some solid advice.
  • A consideration of lowering a few of the fee-based extras costs. These can really increase the final cost of products.

To Sum Up

It is rare that we find a writing service that exceeds our standards for quality and service. In the case of, though, we do find such a company. From its website content to its clear and detailed explanations of its offerings, to its customer support, to its commitment to customer satisfaction, we have to give it our highest marks. Do we recommend TrustEssays? Resoundingly, yes.