The Latest Investigation of Pricing, Quality and Guarantees Gathered in Our New TopEssayWriting Review

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We do the research; we write summaries, and we make recommendations based upon what we find. This relieves students of the task of trying to figure out which writing companies they can trust and eliminate the risk of choosing a bad one.

This TopEssayWriting review is the result of our latest investigation, using the factors in each of our categories below.

Pricing System

We have a good feel for the average pricing structures of those companies that we know to be reputable. So, we looked for comparable pricing at Fortunately, getting to those costs is really easy. There is an estimate form on the TopEssayWriting home page. By filling in the most basic information about the product or service, a visitor can get a preliminary price. We did this for several products and found pricing to be very comparable to other companies.

Customers will find TopEssayWriting prices for from-scratch academic writing to range from $12.99/page up to $47.99/page, based on the common factors that good writing services use. These usually include the amount of time given for completion, the specifics of the product or service, and the academic level of the customer. All of this information can be plugged in on that estimate form.

The pricing for other types of products and services can also be found by using the drop-down menu on that TopEssayWriting estimate form.

There is also a listing of TopEssayWriting freebies for which there is no charge. Again, these are pretty common among most writing agencies – certain pages, formatting, a scan for plagiarism, and unlimited revisions.

During the ordering process, customers can choose among a number of options, but these do come with fees attached. Examples of these are selecting a UK or more expert writer, a copy of resources, a plagiarism report, and extra proofreading or customer support. We always recommend that students choose only those they believe they really need.

TopEssayWriting discounts are also in place – 17% for any first order and a progressive plan from thereafter.

To sum up, we find TopEssayWriting pricing reasonable and fully transparent – exactly what we like to see.

Type of Services

We used the estimated quote form to pull down all of the writing services that TopEssayWriting offers. And there’s a ton of them. If a student decides that is right for him, he will never have to go anywhere else for any writing need, as he proceeds through his academic career. Here is a list of the most common types of services students order from TopEssayWriting.

  • English course essay assignments of all varieties
  • Research essays that may be assigned for other courses
  • Research papers and term papers – TopEssayWriting has writers for all subject fields and at any grade level
  • Presentations of any type
  • Case studies
  • Movie and book reviews
  • Hard sciences lab reports
  • STEM coursework and projects
  • Research projects
  • Literature reviews
  • Annotated bibliographies
  • Editing, proofreading, and re-writing
  • Grad level projects, including theses and dissertations
  • Homework
  • Critiques and analyses
  • Response essays
  • More

A pretty complete list. But more than this, we are always interested in research and writing quality. Without quality, no number of offerings will give students what they want and need. Quality is a factor of writers’ expertise, good quality control by the company, and a willingness to keep working for every customer until that customer is satisfied. TopEssayWriting does all of this and more:

  • The quality of writing on the website is a good predictor of the quality customers will find in their ordered documents. Composition on the TopEssayWriting website is excellent.
  • Samples of what TopEssayWriting produces are found via a link on the home page. We read several. We liked what we saw, in all instances. We would recommend reading the research paper on The Great Depression as a typical example.
  • The conversations and posts on our site from actual customers of are positive. Compliments include great research and writing, good resources, submitted requirements followed, accessible writers, knowledgeable customer support agents, and delivery by due date.
  • When we went out on the web to find any other customer feedback, we did find three consumer review sites that did have comments. These reflected the same positivity that posters on our site had.

We like the quality we see from TopEssayWriting. It gets top ratings from us in this area.

Payment Options

Good writing services have several payment options for customers, especially if their customer base is international. In the case of TopEssayWriting, clientele comes from major English-speaking countries but also from students in English-speaking schools and colleges in a number of other countries. So, like those other good writing companies, TrustEssayWriting will take all major bank cards, along with PayPal and even wire transfer.

Another characteristic of trustworthy writing companies is ensuring that payment processing is safe and secure. Like these companies, does not take payment information and process those payments. It turns this over to a processing company that a lot of other online retailers also use – one that has the necessary SSL-certifications and the latest security measures in place.


TopEssayWriting guarantees are housed in its written policies but are also listed separately. These are important, because, without them, customers do not have a leg to stand on if they don’t get high quality products or other breaches. Bad writing companies will usually give these promises, but there is no follow-through. According to customers, though, TopEssayWriting lives by its guarantees. Here they are:

  • Writing from Scratch: this is often called originality or no plagiarism. There is the guarantee that every order is begun from scratch once assigned to a writer. And it is checked for plagiarism once it is finished.
  • On-Time Delivery: TopEssayWriting understands that students have to meet deadlines given by their professors. They have a reputation for meeting these deadlines with only the rarest of misses, in emergency situations. If a deadline should ever be missed, the company will make it right with a refund and additional discounts on further orders.
  • Refunds: There is a TopEssayWriting money-back policy which describes all of the circumstances when a customer deserves a refund. These are fair and reflect a commitment to customer satisfaction.
  • Revisions: These are normally free and completed quickly, again because of the TopEssayWriting commitment to its customers. If there is an extra charge for revisions, it will only because the customer’s request has changed his original order in some way.
  • Privacy Protection: Customers do have to provide some personal information in order to place an order and have communication with the company. This information is minimal and encrypted – name, contact phone number, and email address. TopEssayWriting promises that it will never divulge any of its customers’ information to another person or entity.

We like to see these types of guarantees. We also like to see a company that honors them. In the case of TopEssayWriting, both of these elements are present. Again, high marks from us.

Is Site Legit?

Of course, TopEssayWriting is a legitimate site. It meets our minimal requirements and then some. Minimally, a legit site does the following:

  • It has a decent website with clear information and pricing
  • It has a process in place for every step from ordering to delivery
  • It has at least two methods to contact the company
  • It protects customer privacy and provides secure payment methods.

Beyond that, the companies that receive the top ratings from us go beyond these minimums. They commit to satisfaction in every way, because they are focused on permanent and trusting relationships with their customers. does this.


  • TopEssayWriting has writers that produce some of the best products we have seen
  • There are the right guarantees and they are honored
  • Pricing is transparent and well within the range of other reputable agencies
  • Customer support is responsive


  • We’d like to see more variety of samples, especially different product types
  • Some of the costs for add-ons are pretty pricey
  • Some of the calls to order are disruptive, in the middle of a content piece
  • Blog could be updated with articles on the new school environment due to Covid

To Sum Up is professional in every way. It has obviously spent a lot of time developing a business model that results in trust, confidence, and satisfaction of its customers When a company does this, it gets a long-term customer base – students who return for more and who can use the company whenever they have need. In short, we are high on TopEssayWriting and certainly recommend it.