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If you came here looking for reviews, then you’re in the right place. We gathered a team of academicians, professional reviewers, and several other experts to test this company and share our impressions. TopEssayWriting has been working since 2013, serving students all over the world. It got different reviews, including positive and negative, so we decided to make our contribution, too, and help you make your decision. We researched their background, policies, employees and services. Now we are ready to disclose what we learned.

Quality versus Price: The Heart of TopEssayWriting Review

Like in all essay writing service reviews, quality is everything. When you combine it with price, you get what every student cares about most. Great accuracy, the total following of their demands, timely delivery plus affordable prices — this is what they search for and what they hope to receive. But how realistic is it and does TopEssayWriting meet these requirements? Our review team focused on finding answers to these questions first and foremost. To bring you only relevant results, they placed our own online order, pretending to be college students. Our reviewers selected Literature as our subject & asked for six pages of play analysis in APA format. The deadline they settled on was two weeks, which is a good amount of time for a task like this.

Many Top Essay Writing reviews available online are positive. This gave us hope that the service will be reliable, but unfortunately, it’s not always the case. Many companies create fake ratings that make them look better than they actually are, and we couldn’t help wondering if this was going to be the case with this writing agency as well. But to our surprise, our journey that began with order placement, continued through payment process, and ended with getting our paper was positive from start to finish. One page of our essay cost $13.99. It was of college level — the minimal high school one is worth $12.99. These are low and perfectly affordable prices. Not many companies could boast of asking for so little, so naturally, we were suspicious. To our surprise, our essay was in our inbox perfectly on time. More than that, it was a fantastic analysis with credible sources and good format. Not everything was flawless: there were some proofreading and stylistic issues, but overall, it was a great piece of work. We concluded that the price-quality ratio in TopEssayWriting is outstanding.

Placing Your Order: Steps Involved

When working on Top Essay Writing review, we identified four major steps you’ll need for placing your order & getting it. They are all easy to follow: we haven’t faced any issues, and we don’t think you’ll find it difficult either. First, an interested student has to fill the online order form with details about their order. Everything is intuitive. Just choose how many pages your paper has, what formatting style it follows, when you need it, what instructions are, and so on. Upload relevant files, such as guidelines from your university and a grading rubric. Look at the final price to make certain that everything fits and place an order button.

The second stage is payment. TopEssayWriting works on a prepaid basis, so it won’t find a writer for you until you pay for your order. This process is easy, too, not to mention that you could choose how you prefer to pay. Credit card, American Express, Discover, & wire transfer are your options. The third stage is the passive one. You wait until your paper is ready, and meanwhile, you can contact your writer and ask them about their progress. We used this feature and we were pleased with it. Our writer was communicative, friendly, and ready to assure us that everything was going fine. The fourth stage is that of approval. You get your essay and you decide whether it meets your requirements. What our review team liked is how TopEssayWriting actually encourages its clients to look at everything and voice their opinion. If you have any complaints, you should voice them right away. Such ease contributed to our positive impression.

Services You Could Order at TopEssayWriting

The next stage in our review is the evaluation of services. We studied how many options this company has and what kind of diversity it can offer. For one thing, there are multiple academic levels available. Clients could pick between the high school, different college years, Master’s, and Doctoral options. Note that each one is more expensive than the other, although not by much. And here’s the range of services themselves: we described them briefly for your convenience.

  • Writing. Like many Top Essay Reviews indicate, there are lots of paper kinds to choose from. They include reaction essays, article critique, research or term paper, and plenty of others. In fact, they are one of the best research paper writing services in USA.
  • Re-writing & Editing. These two options go hand in hand. If you have a paper but don’t think it looks good, you could ask experts to rewrite or heavily edit it. Just be sure you explain everything clearly.
  • Proofreading. Some students have weak English skills. Fortunately, based on various Top Essay Writing org reviews and our own experience, we discovered that there is a proofreading service at this company. It’s provided not by simple writers but by professional editors.
  • Dissertation. If you are working on a dissertation project and feel like you aren’t doing it well enough, seeking help is wise. TopEssayWriting covers this type of request, but of course, customers have to place such orders in advance for getting good results from the best dissertation writers.
  • Admission essays. Many companies don’t want to handle admission papers because it presupposes high responsibility. Luckily, writers provide this service. They promise to deliver high-quality creative essays that you’ll definitely appreciate.
  • PowerPoint presentation. Students often need to work on presentations and submit them in addition to their research. This agency has this option, and it’s pretty cheap.
  • Lab reports. Lab reports, dashboard assignments, or coursework are covered as well. You only need to indicate which of these options you need.

Our review team appreciated the diversity of TopEssayWriting services. There are plenty of options for students regardless of their subjects and levels.

Customer Support and Their Approach

Clients’ first impression often depends on customer support. Are these people nice? Are they willing to help or are they interested in selling as many services as they physically can? Communicating with them was the first thing our review team did, and in this regard, TopEssayWriting’s essay writing service pleased us. We found that their chat works 24/7, which is great. The operators were friendly and helpful. We tried several of them at different stages of order processing, and they never let us down. All Replies were quick, on point, and fluent. They showed patience even when we pretended to panic for no reason, so we evaluated the company highly in this category.

TopEssayWriting Reviews Online and Additional Factors

There are some other things we check to make certain that a company is legitimate in every way. As a result of our analysis, we were mostly pleased, but some things gave us pause. Check them all out below.

  • Discounts. Top Essay Writing offers discounts of 13% for new customers. This is pretty good — in our experience, it’s an average-closer-to- generous offer. There are other discounts for repeat customers, too. Everything depends on how many papers you placed and how long they are.
  • Writers. TopEssayWriting has a lot of writers. No matter when you place your order, chances are, managers will find the ideal option for you. There is also a chance to speak with these guys personally. You can choose whom to contact via your account.
  • Policies. Overall, this agency has customer-friendly policies. Clients could request free revisions in case they are dissatisfied with their order. The same goes for refunds. If writers let you down and fail you, submit your complaint. But keep in mind that you need to do that within two weeks, preferably earlier. If you wait, your request will be denied.
  • Plagiarism. plagiarism policies are good. You could ask for a plagiarism report to make certain that your work is unique. The company claims it’ll give you 100% original papers: if there is plagiarism, you have a right to ask for revision/refund.
  • Extra services. For additional payment, clients could ask for two specific extra services. These are proofreading by an editor and a summary of your paper. They are pretty cheap, although the summary is basically worth the same amount as one page of actual content. What upset us is that there is nothing else on offer. At the same time, as we found out, in case someone needs another service, they could discuss it with operators, management, or their writer. TopEssayWriting seems willing to assist with any kind of academic requests coming from its customers.

Final Recommendation: Is TopEssayWriting Legit?

After our research, our review team took notes. Then we compared them. On their basis, we reached the conclusion that TopEssayWriting gets 9.5 points out of 10. It scored high marks in most categories: it provides great quality, friendly policies, caring operators, and an impressive array of services. Most importantly, customers purchase these things for affordable sums. A system of discounts is efficient and many-layered, so you’ll keep benefitting every time you cooperate with this service. We liked its services, and we recommend it to others.