Time4Writing Review: Learn How it Works and If It’s Worth Trying

07.12.2020 Visit Time4writing

They claim how more than 14000 students have enrolled in their course and were satisfied with the quality and outcome. We wanted to test their courses, website quality and functionality, their guarantees, and money-back policies.

We based our Time4Writing review on our personal experience and on their reviews from legitimate review sites such as the TrustPilot. These days you can enrol in a thousand different Udemy courses for just $12, and the starting price with Time4Writing is $119, which makes this test and review even more important. We wanted to find out if it’s worth it!

Prices of Their Services

The pricing system is simple, and each course is worth $119. Every new member of Time4Writing gets 24/7 access to the curriculum for eight consecutive weeks. This enables flexible learning. You can access the materials whenever you want, go back, and skip the lessons that you want, so the pricing is really fair.

Time4Writing offers 14 days money-back guarantee on all courses, and we will investigate later if cancellation rules are complicated or fair and simple. This is a standard money-back deal on these kinds of websites.

If you would decide to take some time off due to personal obligations, you can do that for a small fee of $5. This dormancy feature can be used only once. You might ask yourself – How come so many online providers have an option of 24/ 7 access where you can pause your engagement anytime? Well, with Time4Writing, everything is based on groups and 1-on-1 basis, which makes the schedule planning really important.

As a member of the group, you have a teacher and a personalized plan of learning. Every vacation you take impacts their whole team, and when you look at it from this point of view, their $5 fee is small.

When it comes to discounts, Time4Writing.com doesn’t offer any. They don’t have first-time discounts or lifetime discounts available. There are no group or team discounts either. In some reviews, we did find out how they had a $99 price available in October of 2020, but that was probably a seasonal discount for the beginning of the school year.

It’s important to know that every payment method you use is secured and protected in terms of privacy. Time4Writing has a range of payment methods supported, and we will explain those in detail in our subtitles below.

Services Portfolio

The Time4Writing team is focused only on improving the writing skill of its users. As with any other skill, it can be taught on different levels and in different ways. For this very reason, they teach those beginner skills the elementary school students, and they have different levels depending on the grade.

There are three different levels available on Time4Writing.com, and they are:

  • Elementary School Grades 2-5
  • Middle School Grades 6-8
  • High School Grades 9-12

Time4Writing services are primarily tailored to children and teens. Their writing lessons are focused on improving the following skills:

  • Grammar skills
  • Writing mechanics
  • Writing essays, paragraphs and research papers

Depending on the level, each one of these is taught in a different way. For example, the subject of writing research papers is only taught on the high school level.

If you’re an adult or professional writer, Time4Writing may not be a good option for you. You’ll find plenty of other available options online of website that writes essays for you, better suited for your needs.

One thing that might be really useful for you is their blog. You’ll find a lot of content available for free on Time4Writing.com. They have 18 blog pages and on each page 6-8 articles with some useful content in them. You’ll find different tips, techniques, subjects explained based on valuable research.

Payment Methods

The payment is based on the use of tokens. Once you pay for your one-time fee token, you can redeem it for a course. Online payments can be made with:

  1. Credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover
  2. PayPal
  3. Alternative methods such as personal check or others, but each user has to contact the customer support team in order to make arrangements for such payment

Institutional users such as schools and other education institutions must contact the Time4Writing team and sign a Purchase Order (PO) Servicing Agreement.

Overall, Time4Writing offers a range of payment methods and deserves a high grade in this department. Our personal recommendation is to use PayPal for its safety, privacy, and simplicity.

If you’re using credit cards, we recommend you to use American Express because they have a really strong customer protection policy and a responsive customer support team.


Time4Writing has a simple cancellation policy, and when it comes to your money, it’s safe. They offer a 14 days money-back guarantee which means you have 14 days from receiving your token to cancel your course and get your money back. It’s important to know that your token has to be redeemed within 90 days of purchase in order to be eligible for this type of refund.

They don’t offer any other type of discount.

Your online payments are protected by encryption. They don’t keep any record of your credit card details.

There are also many rules regarding the copyrights protection which is enlisted in the Terms of Service section of the site.

Is Site Legit?

The site Time4Writing.com is a legit site. They have many students, a lot of reviews on the internet and many accreditations. The most important one is a BBB accreditation, but they have others such as Purple Stamp or Green Business.

Time4Writing takes your safety and privacy seriously. Any form of payment provided on their site is encrypted and protected. Your registration and login details are also protected and only shared with you.


  • The pricing is simple because they offer only one price of $119. Regardless of the opinion of whether the price is high or not, it makes it easy when you don’t have to do the research or use a calculator in order to know your total cost.
  • Time4Writing has many good reviews on legitimate review sites such as the TrustP They also have many articles written about their site.
  • Their blog may be valuable for anyone who wants to improve their own writing skills.
  • They are accredited by different organizations, with the Better Business Bureau being the most important one.


  • The price of $119 might be too high for many users.
  • The website Time4Wcom needs an update in terms of everything, starting with design and user experience.

To Sum Up

In our online world today, we have so many different cheap but good services. You can find a ton of different Udemy courses for $11.99. The Netflix monthly fee is from $8 to $12. Your main question as a parent is going to be whether this course is worth the price of $119.

One thing that’s different compared to Udemy and similar platforms is that Time4Writing courses are virtual schools with real teachers and the whole content is group-based or even 1-on-1 in some cases. For this very reason, they do offer a more personalized experience which is quite important when you want to buy a course for your kid.