StudyBay Review – Looking into What StudyBay Has to Offer

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StudyBay Writing Service

An essay writing service can be a true blessing for a student. A student’s schedule is often pretty hectic, given the number of assignments they have to deal with. Some students work in order to pay for studies. An essay writing service can lift the weight off a student’s shoulders and ensure papers are written on their behalf professionally.

StudyBay is one of the services that has been on the market for quite a while and promises to deliver quality. It was established nine years ago, so their experience recommends them, yet you might want to find more details about them.

Should you trust this website to finish your paper on time? This StudyBay review will go in-depth about the website and its offers, leading to you making right decisions for your situation.

StudyBay Overview has been up and running for nine years, and it managed to rise from a small platform to a recognized company. So, it makes sense that people have high expectations from businesses like this one.

The service lists all its accomplishments on its site and makes sure to let their potential customers know what they can do. The team is made of passionate and experienced professionals who can deal with an essay in the right way. They say they help students all internationally – more than 3 million students since 2013.

On StudyBay, you place an order, and you have multiple writers responding to it. You can check their profiles and pick one that you think would do the best job. It’s a nice system, but people complain about working with non-native speakers who made a lot of grammar mistakes in their messages. This is pretty concerning when you want a quality paper.

Pricing System Comparing to the Market

The pricing system is unique compared to other writing services.

You have a calculator that allows you to calculate fees for your assignment. So, depending on the type of work, academic level, deadline, and number of pages, will calculate a rate. They offer promo codes, which can give you a small discount amount.

Prices for different types of works are different. An essay will cost $8/page, whereas a research paper or a research proposal will be $7/page. Even though they are far from the best research paper writing service.

The trick is that on StudyBay, writers have their own price. Upon checking prices, you can decide which one to choose. There will be a price for writers and a service fee. Service fees will be calculated based on the rate of writers. The cool thing is that the higher the price of writers, the smaller service fees will be.

If writers charge up to $14.99, the fee will be 40%. If it’s between $15.00-$29.99, it will be 35%, whereas if it’s between $30.00-$49.99, it will be 32%. Lastly, the fee will be 28% for offers of $50.00 or more.

Services are a little pricey if the assignment is a difficult one, and writers have higher offers for it.

Types of Services They Have

Multiple services are available on StudyBay because they aspire to be some of the best. So, they need to make things convenient for potential customers. One of the things you will notice when looking on their website is that they offer more than writing services. Aside from content writing, you can order proofreading services too, or ask for a plagiarism check. We also recommend using best plagiarism checker software after all.  Their tutoring service can help you get better at a certain subject and improve your academic experience.

They seem to offer help with multiple types of assignments. On the one hand, you have essays. They are the most common paper offered by these platforms. On the other hand, you can order case studies, dissertations, biographies, coursework, reports, etc. It’s great seeing some diversity, although it’s nothing new compared to other similar services. All aspire to be the best, so they offer as many things as they can – is no exception.

They have a good number of services, but it doesn’t mean that their work is always impeccable. In fact, not all writers will do the best job. Even if mentions they employ professional writers, some of them are not proficient in English. Most of them seem to be Kenya based, and this may be an issue when you want a native writer. It doesn’t mean that someone from Kenya cannot be amazing at English, but sometimes, you want to choose a native speaker. This may be a downside if you end up picking wrong writers.

Payment Options allows payments through various methods. You must make sure you have money ready in your account when you perform a payment. It’s allowed to use your card if you have a MasterCard or VISA one. Paying through PayPal is available as well.

The good thing is that transactions are secured, and there aren’t any issues regarding security and personal information. So, it looks like StudyBay made an effort to make sure your financial information will not fall into the hands of someone with bad intentions. Your information will not be disclosed to third parties.


StudyBay has some guarantees to make clients’ experience better. The guarantees you get on this platform are:

●      Money Back

The money-back guarantee ensures that you can get your money back in case you paid for services, yet the quality of work is not what you wanted or expected. Sometimes, the writer might do a bad job, or he/she might use bad grammar in your assignment – that you might need essay grammar checker, this is not something you want. You can get a partial or a full refund, depending on the situation. Even if you may not need this, it’s great to have some peace of mind that you can recover your funds in case of anything.

●      Privacy

You share personal information with the platform, so you may be worried about privacy. Well, the website guarantees to keep data safe and never share it with a third party or allow it to be stolen. All information is kept on the platform and will not be endangered.

●      Revision Policy

Before you ask for a refund, you can get a revision if you’re not happy with the content – it’s free. The team created this guarantee to make sure you have a chance of getting the desired work if the initial paper was bad.

Sadly, there are situations when writers will refuse to do revisions, which is a huge drawback and can make someone’s experience even worse on StudyBay. You can try, though, and if you don’t get the revision, you receive a refund.

Is this Website Legit?

Legally, StudyBay is legit, as it’s a secure website that will not allow your personal information to be stolen. It has its problems, which need to be investigated and solved. The bidding system is not to all customers’ taste. Also, their rates are not high, but they can increase if you have a bigger assignment.


  • The essays written by StudyBay writers are unique most of the time, and you will not have to deal with plagiarism issues. The platform uses software that detects any plagiarism and makes sure to not include plagiarized work in any assignment.
  • The prices start pretty low, at $5. Even if they can increase depending on the writer, smaller and shorter assignments are pretty cheap.


  • You cannot get urgent assignments done, as the minimum deadline you can get is one day. So, if your assignment is due in 2 hours, you won’t be able to get it from StudyBay.
  • It takes a lot of time to order from StudyBay because after you place an order, you have to wait for a writer to take it. It may take some time to find the right writer.

The Bottom Line

StudyBay tries to make things work, but it doesn’t succeed. It may have a lot of services to offer and may have been working for a long time, but it doesn’t deliver the best results all the time. Some of the writers don’t use impeccable English. Also, even if there’s a revision guarantee, some writers refuse to do revisions. Ordering an assignment is a time-consuming process, and you cannot have a deadline sooner than one day. At this rate, it’s better to look for another service among the best writing services. There are plenty of good ones that will offer you a better experience.