SpeedyPaper Review: What This Company Can Offer?

07.12.2020 Visit Speedypaper

Students who are desperate will often turn to these scammers because prices are cheap, and they need a piece of writing quickly.

That’s why we are here. Our staff are self-appointed vigilantes, doing the right research and separating the good players from the bad and those that fall in between. We want students to have the facts, so they can choose a writing service that will be reliable and offer them what they need.

The SpeedyPaper review is just one more piece of our ongoing efforts to present the results of our research. Read on to learn whether it might be a fit for you.

What About Their Pricing?

SpeedyPaper presents a series of charts within the “prices” link at the top of its home page. Products/services are divided into categories, each with its own pricing – writing from scratch, grading/marking, rewriting, could rephrase a paragraph, problem-solving, and multiple-choice questions. Within these charts, pricing differs based upon customer grade level and the urgency of the deadline.

The cheapest price for writing from scratch, for example, is $9 per page for a secondary school student who can wait 20 days for delivery. Those prices increase all the way up to a Ph.D. student who must have a piece of writing within 6 hours. He will pay $52 per page.

Overall, SpeedyPaper pricing structures are similar to those of most other reputable writing companies – the differentiation based upon types, grade levels, and deadline requirements. And the pricing itself falls within the low – to-mid average scope for the industry.

Range of Services

As mentioned above, the “services” link divides services into broad categories. Within those categories are more detailed. For example, “writing from scratch” includes all of the typical and common products that students order – essays, papers of all sorts, analyses, reviews, lab reports, presentations, all the way up to thesis and dissertation help.

The other categories are more self-explanatory:

  • Editing and proofreading, of course, involve SpeedyPaper experts reviewing, correcting, and polishing works that students submit. This relates closely to the service of grading/marking. These same SpeedyPaper experts review student submissions, assign grades to them, and then make suggestions for how to improve them and thus their grades.
  • Paraphrasing/Rewriting: Students often have to conduct research and/or summarize that research or other articles in order to use the information for essays and papers they are producing. SpeedyPaper writers can do this so that students will not face charges of plagiarism. Often, this type of assistance is given to graduate students who must produce literature reviews for projects, theses, or dissertations. It could be better to trust such task to the best paraphrasing website.
  • Problem-solving: Most of these types of projects involve STEM coursework – science, engineering, math, and technology. There are calculations, modeling projects, etc., and graduate degreed SpeedyPaper specialists take these on.
  • Multiple-Choice Questions: This is just as it states. Students often clutch on test-taking. But they can get topic-field scholars to take these on for them.

So much for what SpeedyPaper offers. Now the issue is what quality? Lots of writing companies offer lots of services. But a minority actually provides the quality that students seek. We wanted to know if SpeedyPaper provides that quality. To do this, we looked at several features:

  • We evaluated the website content. We like to see good organization and clear, direct explanations so that visitors can find what they are looking for. But we are also looking for proper English composition. When content is written well, there is a greater likelihood that finished pieces will be too. Fortunately, SpeedyPaper passes our expectations.
  • Sample Works: SpeedyPaper has posted four samples on its site. They are at a variety of levels and on diverse topics. We read all four. One piece, an admissions essay to Oxford, was far too simplistic for such a piece. Another piece was titled a “thesis” at the Ph.D. level. It was actually a short research essay, which caused a bit of concern. The high school essay on the eating habits of omnivores was a nice piece and rather a “fun read.”
  • We openly asked for customer feedback and did get some. Some of our users who had received written works from SpeedyPaper were certainly satisfied. Others pointed out some issues – resources that were a bit elementary for the study level, composition that was somewhat simplistic. Some of this may be the result of employing ESL writers, as well as ENL experts. Quality may be a matter of the specifically assigned writer.

SpeedyPaper has a quantity of services, and the quality is generally decent.

Payment Methods

SpeedyPaper has an international clientele – students in English-speaking schools all over the globe. Thus, it offers payment in multiple currencies.

Payments are made via all major banking cards and bitcoin. SpeedyPaper does not offer PayPal as an option, but we would recommend it – highly secure.

To protect customer financial data, SpeedyPaper.com does what all reputable writing companies do – it uses an outside secure processing company with high-tech security measures and the latest certifications in place.


There is a footer page link title “legal.” Here is where SpeedyPaper.com houses its written policies, and there are several. Many of these contain the guarantees the Speedy Paper offers, but these are also published on other pages of the website. We have summarized these SpeedyPaper guarantees, but we do recommend that students read through the policies for full understanding:

  • Confidentiality: Usually, customers do not want their use of a writing company “advertised.” SpeedyPaper promises full encryption of personal information that is submitted with all orders. And it also guarantees that this personal information will not be shared with any third-party.
  • No Plagiarism: To support this guarantee, SpeedyPaper promises that every piece of writing is subjected to a plagiarism scan before it is sent over to a customer. Any issues are fixed before delivery.
  • Revisions: SpeedyPaper.com clearly promises that customers will have the right to ask for revisions of their final pieces. And while some upper level students state that their revisions were not significant improvements, they nevertheless were honored and completed quickly.
  • Money-Back: Students do qualify for refunds under certain circumstances, and these are spelled out in this policy. We recommend reading it – generally, refunds due when the company is at fault.
  • Other Guarantees: These can be found in the Terms and conditions and on the website itself. They include adhering to all customer instructions, assignment of degreed and qualified writers, reviewing all final pieces, and quick customer support response.

SpeedyPaper offers the same guarantees that other top-rated writing agencies do. And customers state that these are generally implemented.

Is Site Legit?

The SpeedyPaper.com website is legit because it honestly represents the company behind it. SpeedyPaper has been a part of the writing industry scene for a number of years and has a business model with the right policies and processes in place.

In short, SpeedyPaper meets our requirements for a legitimate company.


  • Pricing is appropriate and logically differentiated
  • 24/7 responsive customer support
  • The right guarantees in place
  • Direct communication between student and writer
  • High level of satisfaction among lower level students


  • ESL writers may somewhat reduce final quality
  • Revisions may not be total satisfaction
  • PayPal not provided as a payment option
  • Discounts must be requested

To Sum Up

SpeedyPaper.com is a reputable writing service. The business model is very much like those of other trusted companies. There are occasional issues with revisions and research/writing quality among higher level students. Students at lower levels and ESL students will probably be satisfied with their results. Upper level students may want to take a look at some of our other top-rated agencies.