ProEssayService Review – Is It Honest and Reliable?

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pro essay service review

If you are looking for a trustworthy writing service, then this ProEssayService review may be helpful. Why? Because, like every writing service review we produce, it is based upon deep research into the agency – its products and services, its writers, its policies and customer support, its pricing and benefits, feedback from actual customers, and its overall commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Our reviews leave no stone unturned. Students will know everything they need to, in order to decide if a writing agency is one that they will want to use. Read on for the full summary of all that we have discovered in our review of ProEssayService.

A Bit of Background First

ProEssayService is owned by its parent company, Core Force Ltd. and has been in the writing service business for 10+ years. Its offices operate out of the U.S. and UK.

Over these 10 years, there has been plenty of time to gauge reliability, as well as the quality of its products, services, and support. The sections that follow will address all of these.

How We Conducted our Review

In our research, we did all of the following:

  • We poured through the company website, accessing every link and reading every page
  • We read three of their sample essays and papers to evaluate research and writing quality
  • We read several of the blog posts again to evaluate the quality of topics and writing
  • We compared prices, benefits, and discounts with other reputable writing services
  • We reviewed the on-site testimonials but were far more interested in reviews by other customers out on the web.
  • We ordered a short research paper to evaluate the entire process and the quality of a delivered product.

All that we found out will be summarized below, and it is an eye-opener. But let’s unpack another key thing first.

Is ProEssayService Legit? How Can You know for Sure?

If you have been looking at writing services on your own, you already know that there are thousands and thousands of them. This industry has just exploded in the last decade, mostly because smart entrepreneurs know that students are overworked, overwhelmed, and often just a bit lazy. There is money to be made. And this means that a lot of scammers are in on the action. They prey upon high school and college students by promising things that seem to be too good to be true.

Take a typical example: A graduate university student is working on his PhD dissertation. He is “underwater” and must find someone to take this project over. He contacts a writing service, and they promise to produce a full dissertation within a matter of a week or so. Really? This would be a miracle, and no human could possibly do this.

Another red flag? A writing service has prices so low that they are way outside the norm for the industry. This means they are using unqualified ESL writers, probably poor foreign students working for pennies. Or worse, they are delivering products they have just “lifted” from online databases. Of course, this plagiarism will be quickly discovered, and the consequences are horrible.

Here’s how we define legitimacy:

  • A company is clear about products and services it offers
  • A company takes specific orders from customers, fulfills those orders, and delivers those orders back to customers
  • A company provides customer support
  • A company has written policies that it follows

So, is ProEssayService legit? Yes, it is. Are many other writing services legit? Yes, they are.

But do not confuse legitimacy with high quality. There is a big difference. And those differences are in the details of what a writing service provides.

Taking a Look at the Details of Our Review

1. Products and Services. ProEssayService focuses on academic products and services for students – everything from basic essays to complex graduate-level papers and projects. They also provide resume/CV services, editing and proofreading, admissions essay and best personal statements for college, and help with difficult coursework assignments.

2. Pricing and Payment. Pricing depends upon academic level, type of product or service, length and the specified deadline. There is a pricing calculator on the website so that a customer will know upfront just what his order will cost. Prices begin at $12.99/page with a 14-day deadline and graduate according to the schooling level and deadline.

Payment methods are safe and secure, handled by an outside payment processor. Customers may use the standard payment methods – all major bank cards and wire transfers.

Overall, ProEssayService prices are about average for the industry, among other reputable agencies.

3. Writers. Our Pro Essay Service review included a look at the types of writers the company employs. You can probably relax on this. They do hire degreed pros with backgrounds in academic writing and will always choose a writer at least one degree level above yours. Or you can choose your own writer, if you are a “frequent flyer” and have one you like. We recommend checking also information about the best conclusion writer.

There is a section on writers that shows their topic areas, how many products that have completed, and a general “star” rating based on Pro Essay Service reviews of their customers.

4. Quality of Writing – Really What It’s All About. Isn’t this the truth? The goal of any student who uses a writing service is an original, custom product that is top-notch and will get a good grade.

Quality comes from the quality of writers and editors a writing service uses. Add to this, a commitment to customer support and satisfaction, and the results will be that quality you want.

Our ProEssayService review dug deep into the quality of products and services. Of course, every online company posts testimonials from its customers. We don’t necessarily take them too seriously. We go outside of the website and see what customers have to say on social media and trusted consumer review sites.

Most of all, though, we judge quality first-hand by ordering a short college-level research essay, letting the company assign a writer, and going through the whole process. We got a personal account and chatted with our writer about all of our details; we called customer support and asked about discounts – we got 15% off; we asked for one revision on the final draft and got it right away. The final essay was scholarly, accurate, and well-written. To add, we ran it through our own plagiarism checker – not one sentence of plagiarized text.

Kudos to ProEssayService

5. Now About Trust and Reliability – Are You Safe? We get it. Students don’t want it broadcast that they are using a writing service. Our reviews always look at this closely. Fortunately, this agency has guarantees of confidentiality. They protect customer information behind secure firewalls and don’t share that information with anyone. Lots of other services “sell” their customer lists to marketers. Doesn’t happen here. Even your writer will not know your name.

Regarding the question, is reliable, we are satisfied. They have clear policies and stick by them, according to what their customers say. You can read these for yourself on the website – they don’t keep any secrets.

As far as your payment security goes, how much online purchasing do you do? Probably quite a bit. Large retailers have lots of security measures in place to protect your card info. So does ProEssayService. It uses the same outside payment processors that the big guys use, and they have the top security certifications. We had no worries about using our charge card.

6. What About Extra Features You Ask? In short, there are lots. First, you do get some pages you don’t pay for – a bibliography, a title page, a table of contents. You also get whatever format style you request. And you get the guarantee that there won’t be any plagiarism and a refund if ProEssayService does not satisfy you.

After that, you’ll find some extras that do cost. You can choose a premium writer with more experience; you can choose to get a plagiarism report and to have a second editing beyond the one that is basic. You’ll see all of these during the ordering process. We urge you to think about what you really need. Generally, graduate-level projects are candidates for these “extras.” We ordered just the basics, and our essay was great for a college-level piece of writing.

Are There Other ProEssayService Reviews Out There?

Yep. There are plenty of writing service review sites that evaluate and rate online companies. We usually read their reviews and compare them to what we have found.

We have found that many of these other review sites are “connected” with certain writing service parent companies and always give those services the top ratings. We are not connected to any writing service or corporation, so we can tell it exactly as we find it. This is the reason why we think you will get the best essay writing service reviews right here. We owe nobody.

You can read Pro Essay Service reviews at other sites. Just remember, they may be biased.

Here’s Our Verdict

We spend a lot of time researching writing services and writing up our reviews because we want you to have the truth. We run into a lot of “bad guys,” but Pro Essay Service isn’t one of them. In fact, it is one of the better writing services we have found. We have a 10-point scale rating, and based on all that we have discovered, along with our own experience, we are giving this company a 9.4 out of 10. You should consider using it.