Privacy Policy

This privacy policy shows how we operate with regards to user data and information they share with us or collect when they use our website. By availing this privacy policy, users are in the know of how we treat the data they entrust us with by using our site.

Data Collection

When you use, there are various kinds of data that we gather concerning your usage of the website. When you open an account with us, we collect your personal data. Over time, there is data that stems from the day to day usage of your account in various forms and from different sources.

When you interact and connect with different users, or post content, or reach out to other users through messages, you create some data that we gather. Through your email address, we gather data concerning your consumption of our products via the newsletters that we send. Any data that relates to the use of the account you have forms part of the data we gather.

We also gather other kinds of data which are technical in nature. These include the IP address of your computer, the kind of browser that you’re employing to visit, the bounce rate, and the period you stay on pages. This data enables us to make operational changes and modifications to, which ensure that users get a smooth experience when they use

Cookies play a key technical role in how the users interact with When you log in, we embed a cookie with log in information on your computer to ensure you are logged on and can enter the site without logging in. You can disable cookies on sites, but this compromises the user experience.

We embed other cookies on your computer, which serve different ends apart from caching login information. These cookies reduce time lags when connecting with our site and servers. Cookies form an important part of website technologies, and the people who finally gain are users as they enjoy seamless interactions and connections to

Use of Collected Information

When you open an account with, you pass us various details, which include your name, photo, and contact details like an email address. We use the email address to subscribe you to newsletters. These newsletters contain essential information relating to how operates, or updates which include the unveiling of new features, operational updates, or other developments.

Some users may subscribe out of these newsletters and related forms of email communication. You can also unsubscribe to newsletters, but we will reach you via email in case there is useful information you should know. In many cases, this information contains operational updates.

Users have full access, control, and oversight over their accounts on You are responsible for your privacy. You can put limits on who can check your profile. Such actions have privacy implications. You should be keen on the moves you make.

Involvement of Third Parties

When you open an account with, you share some of your details that help to point out items that might be of interest to you. We share these details with third parties and players so they can show you promotions that relate to your areas of interest.

Parts of our services and activities might be in the hands of third parties who might need access to some data for operational reasons. In such cases, we might share some bits of your data with these operators. These operators could include payment processors and email distribution providers. does not divulge personal details, information, or contact data to any third parties that don’t need it for operational reasons. We will do that after seeking authorization or approval from users to make sure that user consent is part and parcel of the process. might have links or referrals to other websites or tools on the web. links to various sites to point users to websites that might have more information on particular subjects. However, sites we link to have their privacy policies.

Our privacy policy doesn’t cover the sites, tools, or applications we link to. You might have to check out that site’s privacy policy to know its coverage and make decisions appropriately.

Security takes active steps to guarantee the security of your data. We implement encryption on and all components to ensure zero infiltration, unauthorized access, eavesdropping of data, or theft of data.

While we take top measures to ensure data shared with is secure, we don’t offer a 100% guarantee that this data is secure. We do our best to make sure this data remains safe, but we cannot fully assure and guarantee you of the privacy, security as well as the confidentiality of the data.