PremierEssay Review: Top Academic Writing Company

23.10.2020 Visit PremierEssay

PremierEssay is a content provider that was primarily designed to serve students in need of academic writing help. Currently, they offer a wide range of services to both students of various levels and professionals who look for quality content. In the paragraphs below, we will answer some of your most pressing questions about, including:

  • Will this company be able to assist me with complex writing assignments?
  • Can they help a student on a budget?
  • What do other students think?
  • Does PremierEssay keep their promises?
  • Which services are available to me?
  • How do I make payment?
  • Is the paper I receive going to be acceptable to me?

It takes quite a bit of effort to provide the answers to these questions, but we are committed to providing this information to you. That means we conduct a lot of research and ask many questions. To learn everything, we need to know, we:

  • Explored the website to determine which services are available, check pricing, and review their policy pages.
  • Received, read, and analyzed a written work for accuracy, quality, adherence to instructions, and completion.
  • Read multiple reviews from verified customers on reputable consumer sites.
  • Examined possible payment methods.

Do Their Prices Worth It?

PremierEssay pricing system is pretty standard. For the majority of the written work they do for students, they charge per page. However, the price per page can vary quite widely. Cost is impacted by different factors. These include grade level, deadline urgency, and the specific type of writing ordered. For example, a college level essay that is due in a week will cost less than a personal statement writer service for a graduate student that is due in three days.

For some product types, pricing per page simply isn’t feasible. In that case, PremierEssay will charge a piece rate. This is done for resume and CV writing, where customers are charged a flat rate for each document. It is also done for certain types of academic coursework.

There is a pricing table provided so that students may obtain a cost estimate before they place their order. However, students should keep in mind that these prices may not reflect any extras that they may order. For example, there is an additional charge for advanced customer support, professional editing, and other services. These fees are added to the final price of the order.

The last consideration here is discounts. PremierEssay has several available. Students can save money as first time customers if they place a large order. There are also seasonal offers for savings throughout the year. Customers are encouraged to ask customer support about savings.

Services They Offer

PremierEssay offers a wide array of writing and other services. Most of these are directed at the student population. However, they do serve working professionals and business clients. In this PremierEssay review, we have focused almost entirely on the academic services available. Still, we will include a brief overview of all their service categories below.

PremierEssay Academic Writing

This is truly their core, as this category includes all types of academic writing. Students may select this option to order essays, term papers, research papers, articles, lab reports, presentations, etc.


This is similar to academic writing. The document types are the same. However, students submit written works that they own to be rewritten for quality, clarity, or appropriateness.

Math/Physics/Economics/Statistics Problems

This isn’t writing, but still worth mentioning. Students can order assistance with various equations and other problems.

Proofreading and Editing

The staff at PremierEssay includes proofreaders and editors. Students may submit their own written works to be analyzed and fixed.

Admissions Services

Ever wonder what it takes to get into a top-tier university? Students must submit lengthy application packets that include personal essays. PremierEssay will help with these application essays, along with personal statements, presentations, and scholarship essays.

Dissertation Services

This is the category of academic research and writing services for graduate students. Here, they can receive help with thesis and dissertation projects.

Multiple Choice Questions

Students may hire an academic specialist to assist them with tests, quizzes, and other assignments in multiple choice format.


This is the service category that is created for PremierEssay business customers. Documents such as articles, web content, and blog posts are found in this category.

CV Services

Students and working professionals may place orders for resumes, CVs, cover letters, and other documents related to the job search.

Note that this is a fairly incomplete list. We recommend visiting the website in order to see all of the products and services that are available to you.

Payment Options

PremierEssay accepts major credit cards, including Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express. Customers are also permitted to submit payment via wire transfer. Unless otherwise arranged, payment is expected when the order is placed. Any additional charges that are incurred must also be paid before services are continued.

It appears as if PremierEssay does use a secured payment processor. We did not encounter any issues making payment for this essay writing review. We did not read any reviews where payment issues were mentioned as a problem, either. PremierEssay is a reliable and safe service in terms of payment processing and financial data protection.


We understand that every student is primarily concerned that companies like PremierEssay will provide them with original papers of good quality and that they will be treated fairly. Because of this, we spent a significant amount of time reviewing the policies on and reading student-written reviews about this consultancy. First, take a look at their basic guarantees.


This is the key guarantee for every online provider of academic services. No student wants to risk turning in a paper that may be plagiarized. Fortunately, there are guarantees here to help ensure this doesn’t happen. According to company policy, all works are double checked for originality. If any writing is found to be less than authentic, students are entitled to a full refund.

On Time Delivery

All work here is guaranteed to be delivered on or before the due date. If it is not, students may request a refund or credit.


Students rightfully expect to receive papers that are written as instructed, that are well-researched, and that have been edited to reasonable standards. According to the policies we read, students may request revisions if any of these requirements are not met. As long as these requests are reasonable and within a given time-frame, the revisions will be completed free of charge.

Privacy and Discretion

We were able to find and read policies that ensure student data is held securely. These policies also address the use of that data and sharing that data with other parties. Customers do have the right to determine how their data is used, up to and including requesting their information be removed entirely.

Does PremierEssay Back Its Guarantees?

Based on our experiences and reviews that we read, it appears that this site does back its guarantees. More importantly, customer service issues appear to be relatively rare.

Is PremierEssay Legit?

We define legitimate in two ways. First, we can assure anyone reading this review that this company is a legally operating business, their website is safe to visit and navigate, and they deliver products and services as promised. More succinctly, this is a trustworthy company that operates within the bounds of accepted business ethics.

Next, this company has proven that students can trust them in terms of quality, customer service, and privacy. Students can place orders and expect this company to adhere to any agreements made.


We found several positive items to mention about PremierEssay. These include:

  • Reasonable prices and a wide array of discounts.
  • Quality writing that is delivered on a consistent basis.
  • Good customer service.
  • Policies that respect the needs of the customer.
  • Safe and secure payment options.
  • A variety of product and service types for multiple grade levels.


While we did not find any issues that we believe should cause a student to be wary about using, we do have a few small suggestions for improvement that we noted:

  • Students may appreciate some additional payment options.
  • Financing would also be an attractive option for large orders.

To Sum Up

To wrap up this review, we are happy to state that we believe PremierEssay is an excellent choice for students. We arrived at this conclusion after careful consideration. This included visiting the website, reading policies, reviewing a completed essay, and obtaining valuable feedback from students. We determined that PremierEssay can be relied upon for excellent quality, writing, research, and coursework completion. If you are undecided, you should definitely consider this provider. They have gone above and beyond to prove they can be relied upon. For further information, please feel free to check out their landing page or read our other service reviews for a side by side comparison.