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Students who seek reliable essay writing services inspired us to write this PeachyEssay review. Three weeks later, we are ready to share our discoveries. This company appeared in 2007, so it’s been working long enough to gain substantial academic experience. We always appreciate mature agencies, but when looking at PeachyEssay website, we would never say it’s the case. The design is modern, but small errors are everywhere. There is no page that would have fluent content. Odd sentences like “we offer a vast variety of writing duties over our firm’s website” are common, which points to the unprofessionalism of writers.

PeachyEssay.com claims that reputable organizations mention it in their news outlets, but out of six listed sources, only three work. And we can’t call those articles reliable — it looks like the company bought a space and wrote them personally since they also have mistakes. There are lots of online reviews about PeachyEssay, but we became certain that most of them are fake. These findings made us uneasy, yet we took our research further.

Rules of Crafting PeachyEssay.com Review

For writing the best essay writing services reviews for students, system and structure are essential. Our review team maintains them because we want to stay objective. With PeachyEssay, we decided on specific features that we need to look into. Background, design, reviews, policies, and chat with operators are the first vital elements. We studied them closely and made notes about our experience. Then our review team placed an order and waited to see how the writer handled it. The final analysis took place after delivery, and our team decided on the final rating.

Factor 1: Writing Services and Their Diversity

We have suspicions about PeachyEssay reviews that we are going to address later, but what we noticed was that they mentioned a big range of writing services. It’s true: PeachyEssay has lots of options. Its writers support every subject, and they range from technical disciplines like Math and Engineering to English, Business, Nursing, etc. Students with every essay type will find assistance here. Term papers, dissertations, presentations, and research or analysis essays — this company is extremely diverse, and we approve of it wholeheartedly.

Factor 2: What Picture Peachy Essay Reviews Paint

We finally approached the issue we worry about most. There are lots of comments about this company, but after a thorough analysis, we concluded that they are fake. Here’s what makes us think so:

  1. Reviewers. Most reviews on PeachyEssay are located on SiteJabber. 99% of their posters write their names similarly. It’s all Jacob B., Marie K., Kimberly U., and so on. Now, it is a common trend on SiteJabber, and some students could go for it. But for everyone to follow this pattern? It’s beyond suspicious because what kind of students would readily share their names and initials about services like this? When they place academic orders, they want to hide them from their college or university at all costs. Privacy is everything here. The number of reviews matters, too: most commenters just wrote something about PeachyEssay. Others have bigger posting history, but it’s similarly suspicious because they leave comments on various writing platforms and gush about it being the best. We believe such reviews to be fake.
  2. Overly loud enthusiasm. Most PeachyEssay.com reviews sound way too eager. They mention stuff like word count, outlines, deliveries, and quality, and in our experience, real customers don’t do that. Professional companies will do that because this is their job, but regular students mostly leave generic comments. They won’t be admiring how many words their writer wrote, what an amazing outline they got, and how they received paper days earlier. The last feature is outright impossible because even if a paper is ready early, clients will get it only after their deadline.
  3. Odd replies from management. Managers leave replies only occasionally, and they address bad reviews of PeachyEssay. Their approach is particularly strange because they accuse such posters of lies & threaten them or try to blackmail them into deleting reviews by offering compensation. This is highly unprofessional.
  4. Usage of marketing keywords. Word combinations like “essay writing service” and the domain name are common features of these reviews. This is a blatant marketing technique.

Factor 3: Real Quality of Essay Writing

Quality is the heart of our review of PeachyEssay. We asked these writers to craft a paper on a Law topic, and as the days before our deadline began to pass, we studied other website aspects. PeachyEssay has free samples for students. These are academic papers on various topics — you don’t have to register or buy anything to read them. Our team considers this approach friendly and we evaluate it positively. The problem is, that the quality of these samples is dubious at best. They are weak and non-academic in nature, and they have as many mistakes as the content of this website. So you won’t benefit much from them. There are no best paraphrasing tools that could be essential, but you could find a bibliography and thesis generator + plagiarism checker. This is great.

Sadly, our essay was three hours late. Its quality was pretty bad, too: simple sentences and mistakes of academic and grammar nature were serious issues. Writer also didn’t follow our requirements. Someone who’s just learning Law could write that, but it was unfit for anyone studying at university. We had to place a revision request, but the company refused to do it.

Factor 4: Customer Support & Their Work

We spoke with operators several times during our Peachy Essay review. They were friendly enough, but we can’t say their replies were informative. They need to learn more about their own services for becoming effective.

Factor 5: Price of Writing Services

PeachyEssay’s help is expensive. Students have to pay $21 for 250 words on a high school level. In comparison, other academic agencies ask for $10-$15 for 275 words. We were surprised unpleasantly, especially considering the terrible quality we got.

Factor 6: Extra Service Attributes

PeachyEssay has some other attributes. They are not vital but they’re important anyway. Here they are:

  • Guarantees. Revisions are available for free, but from our experience, clients might not get them even when it’s warranted.
  • Tools. Samples, plagiarism checker, word/page convert are present. Adding concluding sentence generator would be a great idea.
  • Website reviews. Some reviews of Peachy Essay are present on its website, but they come from SiteJabber, so they also look fake.
  • Design. PeachyEssay has a modern-looking design, though its content has many flaws.

Choose Wisely & Have No Regrets

We give PeachyEssay 2 stars out of 10. Our review showed that it has low quality, suspicious comments, unreliable policies, and an unverified reputation. It has some strengths, like academic tools, but hiring it for writing isn’t a good idea. Check our website for more reviews and pick a company that won’t let you down!