PaperFellows Review: Our Experience with This Writing Service

05.11.2020 Visit PaperFellows

PaperFellows is a very proper sounding name for a writing service that is emerging in popularity. As with other sites we’ve reviewed, we noticed an increasing interest in PaperFellows. That’s why we are presenting this review. To get started, we’ll list the things we set out to learn about this online academic consultancy:

  • Do they charge fair prices that work for students on a budget?
  • Are the written works they provide of consistently good quality?
  • Is it safe to place an order and make payment?
  • How are payments made?
  • What is their track record of customer satisfaction?
  • Which services do they offer to students?

To get the information we needed to answer these questions, we took on the role of a student in need of writing help. This is what we did.

  • We explored the website.
  • We arranged to receive and review a college essay.
  • We read online reviews from verified customers.
  • We conducted a price comparison.
  • We read policy pages.

Fees for Their Help

PaperFellows uses a pricing model that charges per page for most of their products and services. Students will pay a predetermined amount of money for each page of writing they receive. This price does vary, though. The pricing will be different depending on the academic grade level, due date urgency, and specific type of writing.

For example, an admissions essay may cost more than a simple book report. A paper due in a few hours will cost more than one due in several days. Finally, a college freshman will pay less for a paper than a doctoral candidate. For more information on pricing, there is a table published on the website.

All writing services for students and business professionals are charged per page. One exception to this pricing structure is resume, CV, and other related services. Here, students are charged for a complete document. They may also be offered special pricing for purchasing multiple related products in batches.

There are also some academic services that are not related to writing. One example of these is problem solving. The other is a multiple choice assignment taking. These are charged per assignment.

Finally, students may purchase additional products and services. For example, they may ask for enhanced customer support, additional documents, or reports. One of the most commonly ordered add-ons is a writer who is in the company’s ‘top 10’. These extras are billed at either a flat rate or a percentage of the total cost of the order. Students may decide for themselves if these ‘extras’ provide enough peace of mind or improved experience to be worth the additional cost.

Writing Services They Offer for Students

Overall, PaperFellows is an academic service company. This means that their website, marketing, and offerings are mostly focused on meeting the needs of students. For the most part, we have evaluated PaperFellows according to these services specifically. First, we will describe these services in detail. Then, we will describe some of their other offerings.

PaperFellows Academic Writing From Scratch

This is truly the key service offering and what students think of when they look for writing providers. Students will order academic writing when they need help with essays, research papers, term papers, lab reports, presentations, and other documents.

Admissions Services

Admissions services are probably the second most popular offering here. These are scholarship essay writing, admissions essays, and personal statements. Students use these services when they need help ensuring admission into competitive colleges and universities.

Other Academic Services

The other two academic services are problem solving and multiple choice assignments. For the former, students receive help from academic specialists who are experts in various STEM fields. They can get assistance with equations, math modeling, geometric proofs, and other complex problems. Multiple choice assignments are pretty self-explanatory.

Resume Services

This is one of the services that is not offered strictly to students. Job seekers work with specialists to obtain help with various job search related documents. These are resumes, CVs, and cover letters. The company also offers assistance with LinkedIn profiles.


Any and all business related writing may be found in this category. Customers may place orders for web content, blog posts, articles, product descriptions, reviews, proposals, and more. This offering is an excellent choice for small businesses or growing marketing agencies. Many solopreneurs and direct marketers also use these services.

Editing and Proofreading

Customers may upload documents for editing, proofreading, or rewriting. They may also order enhanced editing and proofreading services when they order writing of any kind.

Payment Options

Anyone placing an order on must make payment before their order is completed. Once that payment is processed, their order will be assigned to a qualified writer or specialist. Like most other providers, they accept multiple forms of payment. These are debit and credit card payments, PayPal, or wire transfer. Debit and credit cards are accepted through all standard providers such as Visa, MC, Amex, or Discover.

Our investigation showed that these payments are accepted safely and processed securely. We did not encounter any payment issues. We also did not find any credible mistakes of data loss through the payment process.


Like most sites, PaperFellows promises students that they will receive excellent papers written by highly qualified writers. Of course, you want to know if this is really true. We took the following steps to learn as much as we could about PaperFellows guarantees.

  • We considered our own interactions with the company and our satisfaction with our experience.
  • We read policy pages and other website content.
  • We read customer reviews to determine how service issues were handled.

As far as our own interactions with PaperFellows went, we were entirely happy with the experience. Our paper was delivered on time. It was free from errors and completely original. This was the first indication that the company adheres to its marketing promises.

Next, we did an exhaustive reading of the policy pages. These are the documents published on their website that detail how the company handles customer privacy, the use of cookies, and refund requests. The last was very important as money-back guarantees are what determines how the company handles things when something goes wrong.

The policies published on these matters were very clear and detailed. These will be easily understood by anyone taking a moment to read them. In addition to this, they covered all relevant information relating to the company’s guarantees. There is quite a bit of detail here. However, we can summarize by stating that the company promises to deliver quality papers that meet the customer’s standards and to deliver those papers on time. If they fail at this, customers are entitled to a refund or a revision. Reasonable restrictions apply.

Is PaperFellows Legit?

We analyzed the quality of the paper we received from PaperFellows. Based on that, customer reviews, and other information we gathered, we can state that the company is absolutely legit. Further, we visited the website multiple times. That site is well-designed, safe to use, and contains excellent information for customers. We are happy to confirm that this is a legitimately operating business. Students who pay money here can expect to receive quality work and good customer service in return.


Clearly, there are some excellent points to PaperFellows. We’ve consolidated the most important in the list below:

  • PaperFellows writing exceeds expectations.
  • The company stands by its guarantees.
  • Writing is above standards.
  • Prices are reasonable with excellent discount offers.
  • They have earned a very positive reputation.
  • The company has secure payment processing solutions.


We wanted to be as objective as possible in this PaperFellows review. This means exploring any issues or reports of negative experiences carefully. We did just that but can report that we did not uncover many negatives. Perhaps PaperFellows could have a better social media presence or begin accepting cryptocurrency payments. Beyond that, we were quite satisfied as is.

To Sum Up

Our summary of PaperFellows is that it is one of the top essay writing service. They deliver products on time. PaperFellows policies are quite strong and work in the customer’s favor. There is also significant evidence that the company has a support team to help solve any issues.

The most important factor we considered was writing quality. Our paper was excellent. Moreover, other students had good experiences with this website too. clearly does an excellent job assisting students with their writing assignments. We sincerely believe that a customer who entrusts this company with their writing needs will be happy with their results.