This MyAssignmentHelp Review Will Show You How to Improve Your Academic Performance

02.12.2020 Visit MyAssignmentHelp

During the exams period, deadlines become tighter and many students get very stressed. Therefore, they have difficulties delivering the content as expected and risk-taking low grades in important tests. So, they are looking for solutions and ask for professional help. This is how they end up paying for expert content writing services. MyAssignmentHelp is one of the companies that offer such services and benefit from a good reputation on the market.

When we decided to write this MyAssignmentHelp review besides other essay service reviews, we focused on delivering verified information to our readers. So we started reading the details mentioned on We viewed the company’s site as the most legit source of information. It helped us understand better how MyAssignmentHelp works and how customers can submit their orders. We found both positive things and some that we didn’t like. On the one hand, we consider that the vendor has a detailed portfolio of services. On the other hand, we didn’t like too much how the prices are exposed. We will tell you more about all details in the following paragraphs.

Available Fees of Their Services

Just like its name says, MyAssignmentHelp offers expert assignment writing help. Usually, this type of company has a high level of transparency and offers customers the opportunity to calculate the final fee using a smart tool. In the case of MyAssignmentHelp, we couldn’t find this feature which made us question how transparent the company really is. As we wanted to check what’s the fee range that the vendor applied, we also opened an account on We couldn’t find a price list either. Thus, this is a point that we consider MyAssignmentHelp should improve if they want customers to trust their services.

As we couldn’t find the information we needed from, we continued checking for the discount scheme. So, we discovered that for any customer who orders 6 assignments in one week period, the company grants the 7th order without any costs. Also, in case the client orders 4 similar assignments in 3 days, he/she will receive an extra copy with zero price.

Besides, any client who orders 3 assignments for 72 hours will also benefit from special discounts. He/she will pay 10% less for the second order, and a 15% discount will be applied to the third assignment. Any customer who books 2 assignments for 2 days, he/she will receive a 10% discount applied to the second assignment.

We also identified an interesting referral program that makes MyAssignmentHelp’s services more attractive to clients. Any client who recommends the company’s services to a friend or relative will receive a 10% discount on all the orders submitted by the referral. This discount is for a lifetime. Besides, customers are encouraged to participate in the loyalty program. For each currency unit spent on, customers receive 1 loyalty point. Once the client accumulates 500 points, he/she gets $5 which can be used in any future order. All these discount options show us that MyAssignmentHelp is preoccupied with satisfying its clients. We consider this is a positive and healthy attitude towards customers and it shows the vendor’s respect for them.

What Services Company Provides

We were positively surprised by the detailed list of services that MyAssignmentHelp has. The company works with skilled writers who can deliver content on almost any type of topic. After analyzing the list of services detailed on, we understood that the company targets students. According to the information about the writers’ experience, MyAssignmentHelp works with experienced writers from Australia. Also, the recruitment process is very strict. MyAssignmentHelp makes sure to work with the best writers in the industry who are specialized on the topic they want to write about. Thus, it partners with lecturers, industry practitioners, or professors who are able to deliver the clients’ orders according to their requirements. When it comes to the difficulty level, the writers working for MyAssignmentHelp can write content for both the K-12 or doctorate levels.

Another category of services that we found on is dedicated to essay writing. This type of service is a great help for students who need essays on different topics. The writers who collaborate with MyAssignmentHelp have strong experience in the subjects they choose to write about and know which are the steps to follow to write an essay from the beginning until the end. They also know how to personalize the content so that it satisfies the client’s academic requirements.

The third category of services mentioned in includes not the best dissertation service. As its difficulty is quite complex, this type of service is ordered by a different category of students. They are more senior and know exactly what they need from a professional writer. Therefore, those professionals who work on this type of content should have solid expertise and have previously written dissertations. Their writers don’t know how to do proper research and collect the right amount of information necessary for a correct dissertation paper.

The fourth category of writing services includes different assignments that are usually ordered by students. For example, they can benefit from MyAssignmentHelp’s support on writing case studies, homework, research papers, as well as get online exam support. Depending on the topic mentioned by the client, MyAssignmentHelp will make sure to select a writer who has the necessary expertise in writing the type of content the client needs. As often asked, they do not have free essay writing service.

Payment Instruments

MyAssignmentHelp manages to stay competitive on the market with secure payment methods. It is important to keep payments as safe as possible. Thus, the company manages to keep its customers satisfied by allowing them to use safe instruments that don’t put their accounts at risk. Clients can use their cards to finalize the payment on The company accepts cards issued by Discover, VISA, AMEX, or MasterCard. As the company targets students in general, they can attract more customers by adding PayPal as an accepted payment method.

Revisions and Refunds

When we entered on, we expected to find separate sections dedicated to revisions and refunds rules. Instead of that, we found a unique section that includes all terms and conditions. It includes information on how refunds are handled. According to it, clients can cancel an order before MyAssignmentHelp assigned a writer to start writing on the topic. In such a case, the maximum amount that can be refunded is 75% of what the client paid. If a writer was assigned and he/she already started writing the paper, then the vendor has to compensate for the writer’s effort. So the amount will be calculated based on how much the writer already wrote. In case the order has a deadline that is shorter than 24 hours or if there are less than 24 hours until the deadline expires, the client doesn’t have the right to ask for a refund.

It may happen that MyAssignmentHelp cannot find a suitable writer to take over the order. In this case, the next assignment that the client orders will be done without charging the customer anything. Besides, when it comes to revisions, they can be done free of charge and for as many times as needed. On the other hand, the customer has to follow some conditions. First, he/she should submit the revisions requests according to a strict timeframe which is initially agreed upon and mentioned in the payment plan. Once this agreed period is gone, MyAssignmentHelp won’t accept any further revisions and refund requests.

In case the student doesn’t get a good grade after submitting the content delivered by MyAssignmentHelp, then he/she should discuss with the customer support team about this situation. If something like this occurs, then the company will refund 50% of what the client paid. The period allowed to ask for refunds is 90 days for those clients who choose the Premium and Standard Plan. This period becomes 60 days for the customers who prefer the Limited Payment Plan.

Site Reliability is a reliable site. It has a clear and professional structure and looks. Therefore, we are convinced that the vendor worked with a professional web developer. Also, the site is legit as it allows customers to pay using their cards. This type of payment instrument needs a reliable website that uses an encrypted system. So, we consider that these elements guarantee the site’s reliability.


Our MyAssignmentHelp review showed the following positive characteristics:

  • Secure payment instruments
  • Legit website
  • Different types of services useful for students
  • The permanently available customer support department


MyAssignmentHelp can improve its customer experience with the following actions:

  • Be more transparent with its prices
  • Offer PayPal as an accepted payment instrument


MyAssignmentHelp puts consistent efforts to keeps its customers’ satisfaction level as high as possible. It shows such an attitude by offering an extended list of services that help students order content on different topics. Even though the discount scheme is very attractive, we consider that it should be more transparent when it comes to prices. Also, we liked that allows customers to pay for the services ordered using safe instruments. On the other hand, it should allow customers to use PayPal as an accepted payment method. Finally, MyAssignmentHelp has revisions and refunds policy that help both the writer and the customer understand that they have rights and obligations.