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MasterGrades.com is an online writing service that is based in the UK. But, as the company website indicates, it serves English-speaking customers throughout the world. We do not know exactly how long MasterGrades has been in business, but we have found comments from customers that go back several years. It looked to us that this company has a pretty solid reputation, but we never take anything for granted in this industry. So, we launched our normal investigation when we review a writing service. This meant that we combed through the entire website, looking for all of the information MasterGrades provided; we checked out the quality of that website content, information about its writers, prices, offered products and other services, quality of writing samples on the site, policies, guarantees, and, perhaps most important, what customers have to say about MasterGrades. All that follows is the result of our deep digging into MasterGrades.com.

Pricing System

The nice thing we noticed about MasterGrades is that it has clear tables for customers to calculate exactly what their costs will be, before they make the decision to place an order. There is a simple form with drop-down menus for seekers to plug in what type of writing or other services they need, their academic level (if a student customer), and the deadline requirement. Immediately, the price per page is calculated. This form is good for students, for professionals, and even for businesses who need a variety of products. In short MasterGrades wants to be transparent up front.

Pricing at MasterGrades.com for academic writing begins at $12.99/page for high school students who can give a deadline as long as 14 days. Prices go up from there and are based on a student’s level of study and the deadline. Top prices fall with the $47.99/page range.

There are also specific prices for other types of assistance – homework, especially in STEM subject fields, test-taking, editing, admissions essays and documents, and more. Again, you can use the drop-down menus to find everything that we describe in the next section and get an immediate price.

Relative to discounts, there is a program that is rather common in the industry. A new customer is given a 15% discount on a first order. From there, returning customers can get more discounts, as they page accumulation increases. These range from 5 – 15% and are for a lifetime.

MasterGrades.com also provides common free benefits. These include an outline, title and bibliography pages, plagiarism checks, and change requests if not satisfied with a final draft of any piece.

Like most other writing agencies, MasterGrades also offers options with fees attached. These include an originality report, selection of a preferred or top writer, a one-page summary, a final proofreading, and higher levels of customer support. We encourage you to look over these extras and make wise choices as to which will really be of benefit. They can add a good amount to your price.

Types of Services

Wow is our reaction to all that MasterGrades offers. Every type of assignment a student may get is covered by qualified writers. Other types of writing are offered to business clients and other professionals. To break this all down, here are the main categories.

Student Customers

This is a listing of the most common academic assistance needs that MasterGrades.com offers. If you do not see your need on the list, be sure to contact customer support. We understand they are really helpful and will find someone to complete your project.

  • Essays of all varieties – basic or with research
  • Term papers from high school through graduate levels on any topic
  • Research papers, again for any study level and in any topic area
  • Speeches and PowerPoint presentations
  • Homework assignments and STEM projects
  • Lab Reports
  • Case Studies
  • Annotated bibliographies
  • Multiple choice test-taking – timed and untimed
  • Editing/Proofreading
  • Re-writing
  • Book Reviews
  • Literary analysis
  • Articles and article critiques
  • Help with any of all parts of theses and dissertations

For Professional Career Job Seekers

MasterGrades offers job seekers a complete range of resume, CV, and cover letter writing and services. This includes creating these documents from scratch or editing and revising those that you have produced yourself.

For Business Needs

Business owners and marketers, as well as others in management often have need for professional writers. MasterGrades will provide the following:

  • Website copywriting
  • Blog and social media account maintenance – writing and posting
  • Advertising and marketing projects and campaigns
  • Business reports
  • Plans and proposals

We may have left a few things out, but, again, contact customer support about any need you have.

While we were impressed with all that customers can find at MasterGrades.com, our larger concern is always quality. This can be a bit difficult to evaluate, but there are elements that will give us pretty good information:

  • When we read through the content on a writing company’s website, we look for good English grammar and composition. This is the first sign that an agency really serves English-speaking students well. In the case of MasterGrades, we were pleased with what we saw. The content is well-structured and obviously written by ENL writers.
  • We always look at sample writings if they are available. In the case of MasterGrades, they are. We specifically checked out a book review on the life and rise of Vladimir Putin in Russia – an interesting read and very well-written. We also looked at a research paper on nursing personnel management. Again, the structure and scholarly composition were solid and the resources totally appropriate for a college level piece.
  • We already had some comments about MasterGrades from users of our site who are or have been customers of the agency. These were all positive and spoke to great research and writing, good communication with their writers, and very helpful customer support.
  • We did look at other customer reviews out on the web, especially some that we found on respected consumer review sites. Again, the story was the same.

What we can say is this: Mastergrades.com runs a great writing service and gives its customers top quality and service.

Payment Options

Customers of MasterGrades come from all over the globe, and it is important that they have ways to pay that are easy and convenient. Fortunately, the company accepts all major worldwide bank cards and PayPal. No one will have a problem with this aspect of making payment.

The fear that online consumers always have is the security of payment processing. And this is a legitimate concern. We did look into this for you. MasterGrades does not collect or store your banking/card information. It uses a third-party firm – one that is used by many major online retailers and that has the security certifications that we want to see. You can feel very safe making payment to MasterGrades.


MasterGrades guarantees can be found in two places – within the written policies published on its website and in the content that it presents to visitors/users.

There are five MasterGrades policies that you should read through.

  • Terms of Use outlines your rights and your responsibilities. It is simply written, with no tough legal language. Here, you will find guarantees of a qualified writer, and direct conversations with that writer, as s/he completes your order. This way, you know that a real writer is actually working on your order, that he can communicate in proper English and that you can provide information, ask questions, and he can do the same
  • The MasterGrades.com privacy policy is an important one. You want to know that no one else will know about your use of a writing service unless you choose to tell them. And you need to know that your personal information will not be given to anyone else.
  • On-Time Delivery Guarantee: MasterGrades guarantees it will meet your deadline. If it should ever not, it will take steps to compensate you and provide additional benefits in the future. No customer states that a deadline has ever been missed.
  • Revisions: if you are not 100% happy with what you receive, MasterGrades wants to make it right. All you have to do is ask for the changes you want, and they will be addressed immediately. Customers tell us this is true.
  • No Plagiarism: MasterGrades checks every finished piece for plagiarism before they okay it for delivery. If you should ever find an instance of plagiarism, they will make it right.
  • Money-Back: Read this policy. It outlines the situations in which MasterGrades will provide refunds to its customers. Some of these refunds will be partial; some will be full.

From what customers of MasterGrades.com say, these guarantees are upheld by the company. We could not find any comment that stated otherwise.

Is the Site Legit?

You can probably tell by now that MasterGrades is a legitimate business. It meets all of our tough criteria for its operations, for its service, and for the quality of writing that it delivers to its customers. What’s more, it is committed to customer satisfaction – always a good thing in our eyes. We are impressed.


Among the many important “pros” are the following:

  • The website is well organized and provides all of the information a visitor will need
  • Writing quality is high
  • Guarantees are not just on paper – they are promises that are kept
  • Customer satisfaction is exceptionally high
  • Customers praise the customer support department


It was difficult to find many “cons” but we would state the following:

  • Some of the “extras” are pricey and can drive up the final cost
  • Re-consider the charge for an originality report. If every piece is already checked for plagiarism, then customers should not have to pay for that report.

To Sum Up

MasterGrades.com is an impressive company all the way around. We love conducting deep research only to find that a writing service is professional, ethical, transparent, and lives up to its promises to customers. Such is the case with this writing service. In our MaserGrades Review, we are giving it our top rating and can recommend it to students, professionals and businesses alike. It would be tough to find a writing agency that beats this one.