Answers to All Students` Questions in One Comprehensive HotEssayService Review

30.09.2020 Visit HotEssayService

We really like our jobs. For years, we have made it our mission to be a consumer watchdog of the writing industry so that we can give our site users honest and forthright information about this hugely growing industry. There are a lot of star players, good players, mediocre players, and downright bad players. And our goal is to look at as many as possible so that consumers of writing services have the facts they need when they make their choices. One company has come to our attention of late because lots of our users have been posting comments about it. That company is HotEssayService. And we were anxious to get started on a HotEssayService review, using all of the factors that we have developed over the years. These include:

  • The information about HotEssayService that is presented on its website – products and services, policies and processes, writers, samples, who is served, and guarantees
  • The quality of writing on the HotEssayService website. This is more important than many realize because it is a window into the writing quality that a potential customer may actually receive.
  • Pricing and discounts, especially in comparison with other reliable agencies in the industry.
  • Customer reviews of their experiences with HotEssayService and the quality of the products and services delivered to them.

So, here we will give you everything that we have found out about, and you can decide for yourself.

What Pricing System They Have

When a visitor lands on the HotEssayService homepage, they will see a short form they can use to calculate an initial price for what they need. Drop-down menus will let the user put in all of the general details of the product or service they want, and an immediate price will be given. This may change during the actual ordering price based on customer decisions about “extras,” but getting the first estimate is a good thing.

HotEssayService prices are comparable to other reputable essay writing sites we have reviewed. A high school student will pay $12.99 per page for a piece of original academic writing if he can give a two-week time-frame for delivery. Costs increase based on factors of level of schooling, the type of product or service, and when delivery is needed. A Ph.D. student, for example, can pay up to $47.99 if an original piece is due within hours.

There is also a link to prices, which includes the same form and allows the same calculation.

HotEssayService has a discount plan, similar to those of other companies. Customers qualify for discounts between 5 – 15%, as they continue to order additional pages of writing. This discount will be calculated during the order process.

There are additional elements to pricing. These include free benefits – title, table of contents, and bibliography pages, formatting, revisions, and plagiarism check.

When a customer gets to the main order form, there are a series of options for extras that are based on fees. They include choosing a more expensive writer, customized customer support, copies of resources, a plagiarism report, and a one-page summary. Each of these will add to the final cost, and we always recommend that customers consider what they really need as they look at these options. The cost of each choice will be calculated as you add it to the final HotEssayService order price and before you press “submit” and make payment.

Writing Services They Offer

Are you ready for this? has a long list of products and services that it offers to students, career professionals, and businesses. These are provided in a drop-down menu, as a potential client looks for what he needs. For your knowledge, we have provided a rather complete list here. And HotEssayService customer support agents did also tell us that if we need something not listed, we are to voice that need so that they can find a suitable professional to complete it. Here is our listing:

Products and Services for Students

  • Term and research papers – any topic, any level, with a fully qualified writer
  • Essays for any class or course – again on any topic, at any level, and both basic and requiring research
  • Oral presentations, including PowerPoints if required
  • Articles, analyses, and critiques
  • Book and movie reviews
  • Lab reports
  • STEM coursework and problems
  • Other homework assignments
  • Multiple-choice test-taking – timed and untimed
  • Re-writing
  • Case studies
  • Research projects
  • Proposals
  • Admissions and personal statement writing service
  • Editing and proofreading

Products and Service3s for Career Job-Searchers

HotEssayService has a department of professionals with education and backgrounds in the crafting of applicant materials. These include:

  • Resumes
  • CV’s
  • Skill testing
  • Interview preparation
  • Any essay-type writing that is often required

Products and Services for Businesses

Businesses may be offline, online, or both. No matter what the situation may be, businesses need many different types of writing, and HotEssayService has a team of marketing, business creative writing, and journalistic pros to meet those needs. These needs might be among the following:

  • Copywriting for online presences – websites, blogs, social media profiles, and posts
  • Marketing materials
  • Email campaigns
  • Press releases
  • Proposals and plans
  • Reports

We may have left something out. But HotEssayService customer support agents can be easily contacted.

Great arrays of services are a big plus. But a bigger plus, of course, is the high quality of these services. And that quality must be firmly demonstrated by the actual writing that is produced and by the satisfaction of customers who have ordered and received pieces from To get a clear answer to the question of quality, we looked at the following:

  • The website content, including information provided to consumers, footer pages that describe products and services in detail, and sample writings on the HotEssayService site. Here, we found exceptional writing in every way.
  • We reviewed in great detail two samples – a research paper on the legal requirements for confidentiality in healthcare and an essay outlining important business communication skills. Both were excellent.
  • We reviewed all of the comments that users of our site had to give about their experiences with HotEssayService. There were quite a few, mostly college students, who had ordered essays and research papers. Without exception, these customers were very satisfied with their pieces, as well as with the customer service they received. Positive comments ranged from happiness with the quality of research to the great writing and the responsiveness of their writers.
  • We also checked out on the web for reviews and comments. A couple of major consumer review sites did have customer feedback on HotEssayService, all of it complimentary.

Obviously, this company does it right.

Payment Options

Any company that markets its products to an international audience must have multiple methods of payment, and those have to include all major international bank cards. provides these options, along with PayPal or wire transfers.

And any company that markets to online customers at all must provide safety and security so that customers feel comfortable giving out their financial information, especially to an unknown retailer for the first time. Because of this, reputable retailers use a secure third party for payment processing. HotEssayService is no exception. The company does not collect or store any customer financial information. The processor it uses is SSL-certified with the latest encryption and firewall technology.


HotEssayService has four written policies – Terms of Use, Cookies, Privacy, and Money-Back. We urge potential customers to check these out, so they know their rights, responsibilities, protections, and guarantees. Many of them are contained in these policies, but they are also provided in a section on the website itself. Here’s a summary of what you can expect:

  • Originality: Any piece of writing that is completed is reviewed by the editorial staff and checked for plagiarism. It will not be delivered until its originality is confirmed.
  • Qualified Writers: HotEssayService writers are assigned to orders based on their specific qualifications to complete them with top quality. And, they communicate with customers during the whole process.
  • Customer Specifications are Followed: Whatever details a customer places on his order form will be adhered to. If not, the piece will be fixed immediately.
  • Privacy: Customer identities are protected at all times, using the latest technology for encryption and firewalls. And personal information is never shared with another party.
  • Revisions: Customer satisfaction is key to the reputation of And to achieve that satisfaction, the company will continue to work on a piece of writing until a customer is totally satisfied.

It looks like these guarantees are put into actual practice by HotEssayService. Customers state so in their reviews and feedback.

Is the Site Legit?

Overwhelmingly, we can say that is a legitimate and well-respected writing service. In fact, we would add to that. It is not only legitimate. It stands out as one of the top writing services we have reviewed. From the very beginning of a customer placing an order until the final delivery of a product or service, HotEssayService sees to it that the customer comes first.


We have a number of pros that we could list. But those most important to customers are as follows:

  • Top-notch writing from top-notch writers
  • Great customer service
  • Guarantees that are always in practice


Of course, we cannot find many cons. We would list these two:

  • Some links to the samples are broken, and the process to get to them is a bit complicated
  • Some of the extras are a bit pricey

To Sum Up

If you have not already guessed, we are very high on It is a company that has a great business model, is professional and transparent, and honors all of the promises and guarantees it makes to its customers. We have given HotEssayService our highest marks in all categories and highly recommend it.