GradeOnFire Review: What Kind of Help Can a Student Expect?

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Welcome to our official GradeOnFire review. This is our review of one of the more well-known writing services companies online today. Our goal is to provide detailed information on the following:

  • Trustworthiness and security
  • Quality of writing
  • Customer service
  • Company reputation
  • Pricing and discounts
  • Company background and history

To gather the information we need, we take several steps. It takes quite a bit of time to complete a review, but we feel our audience deserves the most detailed and objective feedback possible. Here are some of the steps we take:

  • Navigating the website.
  • Ordering, receiving, and reviewing a college level essay.
  • Conducting a price comparison, and reviewing discount programs.
  • Reading consumer reviews.
  • Researching GradeOnFire online.

The following write-up contains the information we gathered, and our conclusions. Keep reading to learn whether this provider will meet your needs.

Pricelist of Their Offered Papers

While items like writing quality and customer service are ideally most important, we understand most students are also concerned with price. Specifically, how can they find a writing service that will allow them to stay within the typical student budget. here are the details about GradeOnFire pricing system.

This company is a service-based provider. For the majority of services they offer, prices are assessed  Per page. these prices can vary and are impacted by the deadline, grade level, service type, and complexity of the assignment. For example, a college-level essay with a two-week deadline will cost less than a dissertation that is due within a short amount of time. The price per page structure is applied on academic writing, copywriting, editing, proofreading, and rewriting.

In some cases, when the price per page system is not appropriate, other pricing methods are used. These include price per document fees, the price per equation, or price per completed worksheet.

Students who are interested have the opportunity to purchase various extras when they Place their orders for academic writing help.  some examples of these extras are requesting a top-10 writer and ordering Advanced customer service.  Some extras are charged per service. Others are assessed according to a percentage of the cost of the original order.

Compared to other services in the same industry, the prices offered here are quite competitive. College student writing begins at 14.99 per page. In addition to this, there are multiple discount programs available. These include first time customer discounts, loyalty discounts, large order discounts, and special offers.

Company Services

GradeOnFire offers a complete range of writing, editing, and proofreading services. They also offer services that are slightly outside of this category. Below is an overview of their main service categories along with examples of the various document types they offer.


Students and other customers may submit completed written works to be edited, proofread, or rewritten. Depending on the specific service requested, and the instructions provided, that might include:

  • Rephrasing content
  • Fixing spelling and grammatical errors.
  • Finding and correcting factual errors.
  • Editing for clarity.

Academic Writing

This is the primary service offered by this provider. In this category, students order and receive any number of academic papers that have been written from scratch, according to their instructions. This is the service we used to obtain a college level essay. Academic writing is offered to students in high school, college, or graduate school. This service is also available for any subject. Here are a few of the document types that are in this category:

  • Essays
  • Term papers
  • Research papers
  • Lab reports
  • Case studies
  • PowerPoint Presentations
  • Critiques
  • Reaction Papers
  • Book Reports
  • Movie Reviews

Admissions Services

This is also ‘from scratch’ writing. However, this category was created to assist students who are trying to earn admissions into competitive college and university programs. Students can obtain help with college application essays, scholarship essays, and personal statements.

Problem Solving

Academic specialists assist students who need help in solving complex equations and other problems.

Thesis/Dissertation Services

These are very complex projects undertaken by graduate students. These are multi part, lengthy undertakings, and GradeOnFire offers assistance for the various parts of these assignments.

Business Writing Services

While we did not specifically review these services, business professionals and job seekers can order writing assistance here. These are divided into copywriting services and resume writing services.

Payment Options

Like most online services, the primary payment options here are debit and credit cards. Students placing orders must make payment prior to any work being done. In the event that a refund is requested, that money will be credited to the account that was used to make payment.

We have verified that a third party payment provider is used for processing payments, and managing financial data. This means that payments are processed securely, using the latest in encryption technology. It is as safe to make payment here as at any other ecommerce website.


Even when a company has an excellent track record in the areas of writing quality and customer service, things can go wrong. These are the times when it is imperative that the service has solid guarantees, and that they back those guarantees.

To determine if a company does this, we take a few different steps. First, we read the guarantees and supporting policy pages. We also interact with customer support agents. Finally, we read consumer reviews as they relate to this topic.

Specifically, we want to learn what the policies and guarantees are, what customer support agents have to say about them, and whether they treat customers fairly. Here is what we found.

Their guarantees and policies are in line with many other companies. All work is to be original and written to order. It will be delivered on time. If these conditions are not met, customers are qualified to receive a full refund. Work will also be completed to the customer’s satisfaction. If it is not, free revisions are available. Finally, there are policies in place to protect customer privacy, and give them clear information about the use of their data.

We spoke to customer support about many of these policies, and were given clear answers about them from knowledgeable professionals. Most importantly, consumer reviews indicate that when issues do happen, the company does stand by their guarantees.

Is GradeOnFire Legit?

Take a look at a few of the elements that we considered when determining if GradeOnFire is a legitimate writing provider.

Business Practices

It is our opinion that GradeOnFire engages in fair and ethical business practices. Further, they are a legitimately operating business that delivers products and services as promised.


The website appears to be reasonably secure. They publish and follow privacy and security policies. Customers are given fair information about the use of their data, cookies, and third party links.

Customer Service

Not only is customer service available 24/7, but this company has also developed a reputation for handling any issues fairly and graciously. We draw this conclusion from both our experiences with GradeOnFire, and from consumer reviews, we have analyzed.

Writing Quality

This is the key item we consider. Fortunately, GradeOnFire delivers excellent writing virtually 100% of the time.


It’s probably clear that we had a very positive experience with GradeOnFire. This is true of other students who have used the service as well. So, what are the best points about this online writing provider?  Here’s a go-to list of positives:

  • Writing is easily in the top 10% of the sites we’ve reviewed.
  • Excellent customer service.
  • Reasonable prices and attractive discounts.
  • com policies are both fair and easy to understand.


No writing service is perfect. Still, GradeOnFire does manage to do an excellent job with both quality and customer service most of the time. However, in the interest of objectivity, we do have a few small criticisms. These are mostly about the website, not the quality of their services.

  • In some places, the site is a bit ‘busy’ looking.
  • Additional payment options would be positive.
  • Some students may appreciate being able to connect with GradeOnFire via social media.

To Sum Up

After considering all of the data we gathered, we can confidently state that GradeOnFire is a trustworthy writing provider. They work according to a set of clear and fair policies, and emphasize customer service. Furthermore, is fully secure, and customers can rest-assure that their personal and financial data is safe. Finally, GradeOnFire provides excellent writing regardless of subject, grade level, or urgency.

It is our opinion that any student who is seeking writing or other academic help should absolutely consider this online writing provider. We urge you to bookmark so that you may continue to investigate this service on your own.