GradeMiners Review – Is It Worth It?

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Not everyone has the time and knowledge necessary for composing a top-notch academic essay. Some students work, which takes a lot of time, and they’re bombarded with multiple other assignments. So, many of them look for paper writing services, like GradeMiners.

If you look up essay writing services on Google, chances are you will stumble upon GradeMiners. It’s a pretty well-known platform that has been around for a while and tries its best to satisfy its customers.

However, they have a fair share of bad reviews. Certain reviews talk about how thankful they are for trying the service and how much it helped them. Others share how terrible their experience was. After all, each essay writing service has some bad reviews.

This leads people to have trust issues, as even if the site looks professionally made and legit, the bad reviews are giving you second thoughts. Is GradeMiners legit and reliable, or it fails in many aspects? Well, you should read the following paragraphs and discover the answer.

Site Overview

GradeMiners has been around for a pretty long time. According to them, they are operating since 2009. Given their experience, anyone would have expectations from them. is a platform that makes essay writing hassle-free. They also declare that they employ professional writers for your essay. According to them, all content is authorized by the team before you receive it. Thus, they make sure everything’s proper and correct. The editorial team looks for mistakes and any wrong information.

What’s nice about is the layout, and the fact that everything is featured in an organized way, to make it simpler for users to find whatever they need. The features can be found on GradeMiners home page. So, there’s nothing wrong-looking about this website, especially at first glance. It has a stylish design that can be found attractive by students to look for a professional service.

Pricing System

Let’s get to an important part regarding any essay writing service – rates. On the website, you can use a table that showcases all prices based on the academic level, and how urgent the deadline is. If the deadline is in 20 days, the rate for a page is $8.77 for high school but will be $20.17 for Ph.D. The more urgent the deadline is the higher prices. Also, the more advanced your academic level is, the more rates will increase.

If your deadline is a few hours, you must pay quite a high amount of money on GradeMiners, which is not convenient if you have multiple pages. Unless you have a large amount of cash to spend on an assignment, it’s hardly accessible.

The advantage is that you can use the calculator to estimate costs. You can calculate based on the type of content and number of pages.

On the pricing page, GradeMiners also talks about a loyalty program. If you become a customer, you will benefit from a virtual money account, and you’ll get Bonus Balance. You will receive bonuses. The first one offered when you make your first purchase on the platform. Afterward, each one will bring you 5% of Bonus Balance.

You can make purchases with bonuses whenever you need content.

Types of Services wants to be in the top and attract as many customers as possible. To be appealing to its users and gain a bigger audience, GradeMiners provides a vast amount of services.

They offer essays on various topics. They also feature assignments, term papers, and research papers. They even expanded their categories to aid students with lab reports, case studies, book reports or reviews, PowerPoint presentations, dissertations, math problems, and more. Diversity is an amazing aspect as it could help more people.

They also offer editing, formatting, or proofreading services, for people who don’t have the time or knowledge/skills.

Moreover, they can write papers very fast if you need to. Some students may be very close to the deadline, and they don’t want to fail, but they might not have what it takes to write an assignment so quickly. On, you order content even if the deadline is due 3 hours or 1 hour later.

It’s an amazing thing to see so many services on one platform, but it’s not that different from other similar websites. GradeMiners offers what every other paper writing service has to offer. Furthermore, with extra features such as progress tracking, you must pay some extra fees. Their services may be convenient, but they’re not for everyone, especially if you don’t have the biggest budget.

Also, even if some had good experiences, some people experienced the opposite, which can be seen from negative reviews.

Payment Options

GradeMiners accepts a few payment methods. These are American Express, Discover, MasterCard, and Visa. The encryption system secures your private details and makes transactions safe.

Nevertheless, these methods are very few in comparison to payment methods on other sites. Some people might prefer using PayPal or other eWallets, so it’s quite inconvenient they’re not available as payment methods.


Each paper writing website should have guarantees, and GradeMiners took care of that. They offer multiple guarantees to provide a good experience for people, even when they are not satisfied with the results they received.

Here are GradeMiners guarantees:

●      100% Confidentiality

You don’t want your personal information to be revealed, and GradeMiners knows that. They offer a 100% Confidentiality guarantee, thus promising they will never reveal your information. It will be confidential, and no third party will have the data disclosed to them.

●      Money Back

Having a Money Back guarantee is a must. In case you spent money on the website, yet you didn’t get a high-quality essay, or the writer didn’t follow the instructions, you will get a refund.

●      Timely Delivery

GradeMiners wants you to submit your essay on time, so a Timely Delivery guarantee is in place too. According to their website, projects will be ready in time 97% of situations.

●      Original Writing

The team declares that content will be 100% original. Therefore, they promise to give you an original essay that will not get you in trouble. Still, for your peace of mind, you can ask for a plagiarism report.

Is the Site Legit?

GradeMiners is a secured website that has been running for a long time. Although it’s legit, it had some controversial moments. For example, the team lied about a picture they stole from another company’s page, and they also lied about their foundation year. They mention that they were founded in 2009, but the domain was registered in 2013. There are also numerous bad reviews. Many people got essays in terrible English and poorly researched.


  • The site is not bad quality. If you contact them, you can receive quite knowledgeable answers, and the team will be prompt. The customer support team is quite professional.
  • Customer support is reliable and can be contacted if you have an issue. It just makes overall experience better, even when you’re displeased.
  • The site looks amazing, and it’s easy to navigate.


  • They lied about some things regarding the site, including the foundation year and a picture they stole. This can be enough to lose trust in them.
  • A lot of bad reviews have been made about the platform. Although it doesn’t mean all are true, there are some people who had experiences far from perfect.


As our GradeMiners review proves, this platform is not the worst, yet it could use improvements. Customer support is nice, and the site is informative and looks great, but they need to work more for their clients’ assignments. They should also find writers who are experienced English speakers, as nobody wants to get a poorly written paper.

Using this website is risky, and it’s best to protect your money and grade. Many other platforms offer the same services and are trustworthy, so it’s best to go for them. We review many such websites, so please check our other articles.