GrabMyEssay Review: Is This Company Really That Good?

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Among other things, we at Trusted Essay Reviews investigate the soundness of online writing companies. We do this so that students can have all of the facts they need to decide whether a writing service is worth their hard-earned money. And when students register on our review site, they can publish posts and participate in discussion with other students. They can share their experiences with writing companies. They can also ask us to review a specific writing company.

And that’s how we came to take a look at There have been lots of posts and conversations about GrabMyEssay on our site. And one user asked us point-blank: “Is GrabMyEssay really that good?” We wanted to know too, so we launched our typical investigation. Here you will find our GrabMyEssay review.

Available For Students Fees

Here’s what we want to see:

  • Prices that are comparable to what other reputable writing services charge. GrabMyEssay is within the high-average range among these others.
  • Pricing that is totally transparent from the beginning. Students need to know at least an estimated cost. GrabMyEssay provides this with a home page estimate form. Students can put in just the basic information about a potential order and get a quote.
  • Benefits and discounts that impact costs in a positive way. GrabMyEssay has both – a discount plan for new and returning customers, and a number of free benefits (revisions, formatting, plagiarism check, etc.).
  • A final price after the completion of the order form that is really final – no hidden charges later on. stands by its final pricing unless the customer changes something.

GrabMyEssay price structures are set up for all of the different types of services they offer. And they are based upon the factors we like to see – the academic study level of the customer, the specific writing being ordered, and the due date requirement. These are the factors that should determine price.

How They Could Help You?

Some writing services have very narrow focuses – thesis and dissertation assistance only, for example. But most that market to students have a much broader range of services so that they can provide help from high school through grad programs in all content fields. And the good ones develop long-term relationships with their customers, so that they remain for as long as they are in school. This is the case with GrabMyEssay.

There is a drop-down menu on the company landing page, titled “services.” There are categories listed, and each category links to another page with detailed  explanations:

Academic Writing consists of all of the normal things you would expect:

  • Essays from basic, non-researched 5-paragraph pieces through longer and more complex researched pieces
  • Research papers (including term papers) at all academic levels. GrabMyEssay has been around long enough to have writers for all topic fields.
  • Hard sciences lab reports – any level
  • Case Studies in business and social sciences
  • Book, movie, and journal article reviews
  • Literary analyses
  • Critiques
  • Presentations
  • Coursework assignments
  • STEM projects and problem-solving
  • Graduate-level research projects
  • Literature reviews
  • Annotated bibliographies
  • More

Admissions Services from GrabMyEssay include:

  • Essays for undergrad admissions, either from the common application or unique to a school
  • Scholarship competition essays
  • Personal statements for entrance into grad and professional programs
  • Other applicant material unique to specific institutions

Dissertation Services from GrabMyEssay cover all of the following:

  • Assistance with research topic selection and development of the research question
  • Dissertation proposals
  • Literature reviews
  • Methodology and research design
  • Analysis of research findings and significance
  • Writing of any chapter or section

Resumes/CV’s: Students and other career professionals can get the following

  • Resume or CV construction from scratch
  • Re-writing, editing and proofreading of existing resumes or CV’s
  • Cover letters unique to specific positions applied for
  • Any other applicant writing requirements
  • Skills tests

Copywriting is an area of writing reserved for online businesses. GrabMyEssay has a department devoted to this to produce:

  • Website content
  • Social media presences
  • Blogs
  • Press releases
  • Marketing and advertising copy

Other Academic Services from GrabMyEssay include:

  • Re-writing, editing, and proofreading
  • Test-taking
  • Unique and complex coursework assignments

Students can get anything they need at GrabMyEssay. This is a good thing. But we more interested in the quality of all of these things. To judge that, we had to look at several sources.

  • We always consider the quality level of writing on the website itself. It tells us a lot about a company. GrabMyEssay site writing is exemplary – solid grammar, good composition style, and simple, clear information
  • Samples of writers’ pieces published on the site reflect sound research and great scholarly composition. Visitors should review a couple of them as we did.
  • Users of our site who have experienced using GrabMyEssay services have high praise for the company. They get their orders fulfilled on time, they are of great quality, and there is good communication with writers and the customer support department.
  • Out on the web, the review comments we found from customers state the same things.

Quantity and quality are both present with GrabMyEssay. It gets high marks from us here.

Payment Options

No writing service that wants a broad customer base will restrict methods of payments. There are English-speaking students in English-speaking universities all over the world, and they all need to have efficient and quick methods to make payment. GrabMyEssay takes care of this. All major international bank cards are accepted. An additional option is to use PayPal to make payments through bank cards, even if students do not have PayPal accounts. This is really secure.

For those customers who use their bank cards, GrabMyEssay has provided good security. It uses an outside processing company that has a solid reputation among online retailers – one that has the latest SSL technology and that customers can use with confidence.


Who would buy a product from an online retailer without some guarantees? Writing services are no different. Consumers want to know that if they have issues or are not happy with the products they receive, they have some recourse. So, we want to see guarantees and we want evidence that they are honored. Here is what we found at GrabMyEssay.

  • Privacy: there is a GrabMyEssay privacy policy. It is pretty common in this industry, among the good services anyway. It speaks to what type of information is collected from visitors and once visitors become customers. Customers must provide certain personal information, but it is encrypted and held behind firewalls. More important, it is never distributed or shared with anyone else.
  • Originality: According to GrabMyEssay, every piece of writing is only begun after a writer has been assigned. And the quality assurance team scans every final piece for plagiarism. So, when a customer gets his piece, it is free of plagiarism
  • Revisions: these are provided as a free benefit. Customers can ask for changes to their pieces, as much as needed, until they are happy. This guarantees customer satisfaction.
  • Delivery: GrabMyEssay guarantees on-time delivery according to customer instructions. If an emergency prevents this, the customer is compensated.
  • Refunds: There is a Money-Back policy. It describes the conditions under which a customer qualifies for either a partial or a full refund. We urge visitors to review this GrabMyEssay policy. It is reasonable and fair

Is Site Legit?

Yes, absolutely. We always judge legitimacy by minimum and maximum criteria. The minimum criteria are that the company markets products and services, takes orders from customers, has a method for completing those orders, and actually delivers them. But we want much more than that for a company to get a top rating from us. GrabMyEssay meets those maximum criteria, because it has qualified experts, assigns them to orders based upon their qualifications, sets up communication between customer and writer, and provides the follow-up that results in customer satisfaction.


We have looked at all of the pros of GrabMyEssay. Here are the most important ones for students

  • A full range of services
  • Transparent pricing
  • Guarantees that are honored
  • Follow-up to ensure customer satisfaction
  • Focus on long-term relationships with customers


There are a few issues with GrabMyEssay:

  • The blog is really out of date. Students should be able to read pertinent articles, especially given the new environment in which they are schooling
  • There are add-on extras that come with additional cost. Some of these are quite pricey.

To Sum Up is a legitimate writing company that meets our highest standards for such services. Our investigation has revealed so many positives about this company that we are providing high ratings in all of our evaluative categories. We are happy to recommend GrabMyEssay to any student looking for a writing service “home.”