FreshEssays Review from Academic Experts: Full Quality Analysis

06.04.2022 Visit FreshEssays
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The time for FreshEssays review has finally come! Many of you expressed interest in the company with such a funny name, and our team organized full-scale research. FreshEssays has been around since 2010. It claims to cooperate with native English speakers mostly, but it admits to hiring writers from other countries, too. Its website looks modern and has relevant info; its content is mostly fluent, but it has some small errors. For example, we didn’t understand what “you get on the spot assistance” means.

A strange thing is that the company underlines its professionalism by boasting that it offers 3 free revisions for each order. That’s not how it works: any best service provides limitless revisions up to the moment their client feels satisfied. Also, it’s a strange proof of quality by itself, since if customers ask for a review even once, it’s never a good sign. But FreshEssays has positive reviews from clients, so we had high expectations from our research!

Steps for Writing This Review

To find top essay writing service that would follow each request of customers, we need to assess all aspects that make it work. Our first goal was to find everything about FreshEssays. We read online reviews, checked its ratings on several websites, and searched for info on its background. By seeing how long it has been working and how many orders it handles each day, we got an understanding of what we can expect. Analyzing website content closely was the next step. We pointed out some mistakes and the fact that the agency’s design is modern: sure, such features aren’t vital, but they all contribute to one complete picture. For the most part, we liked what we saw.

Looking through reviews helped us see if this service is affordable. We found prices on the company’s site, too — it’s another great sign because it means that it has nothing to hide. A student will understand how much they’ll be paying even before contacting this agency. Our team read policies about confidentiality & revisions, checked the diversity of academic offers, and placed an order. After we got it, each of us provided our opinion and evaluation. Then we compared ratings for each factor and decided on the final grade.

Writing Services Students Could Order from FreshEssays

One of the first aspects you need to know is what help offers to its customers. When you click “services” on its website, you won’t see much. There are only references to essay writing, college writing, professional writing, and essay topics. But when you point at each, you’ll see what types of papers you could order. We were glad to see that freshessays supports a variety of works, from dissertations to term papers, application essays, discussion posts, research, analysis, etc. Apart from writing, students could also ask for editing or technical problem-solving. We wish there were options like Power Point presentations and dashboard assignments, but operators assured us they could arrange this — that’s a plus.

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Outstanding Features According to Review

Before you learn whether you’ll be able to find the best research paper writer in FreshEssays, let’s take a look at its most notable features. We are going to list them in both positive and negative lights. Everything is exactly as we experienced it.

  • Trust of customers. For getting an idea of what reputation a company has, we looked at available Fresh Essays reviews. There aren’t many — all in all, we found about 12 of them on various platforms. They were mostly positive, but the issue is, they didn’t sound very convincing. Short and vague reviews that sound like ads are always suspicious. After some discussions, we decided that we cannot award FreshEssays many points in this category. We aren’t certain that comments about it are real.
  • Prices & discounts. This company asks for affordable prices. If clients order an essay of high school level with a deadline within 14 days, the price will be $12 for one page. New clients receive a 5% discount for their orders.
  • Guarantees. You could ask for 3 revisions for free in case you hate your paper. Refunds are technically available, but as two negative reviews of FreshEssays pointed out, getting them is nearly impossible. We disliked this fact.
  • Free tools. The agency has free samples in many categories. Such a supply of academic materials is great because it gives students an opportunity to learn without having to pay for it. But not everything about these samples is perfect. They don’t have the best quality: many are written in unprofessional language and don’t follow academic formats. There is also a blog with articles, but their writers clearly aren’t native speakers.
  • Customer support. FreshEssays has excellent customer support. They get in touch quickly, and they’ll take you through all steps of order placement, remaining polite and friendly. Since they are online 24/7, you could reach out any time.

The Heart of Our Work Based on Ours + Other Reviews

Now we’ve approached the most important part of our review. What kind of paper did we get? Did it arrive on time? What did we think about our writer? Each answer is below.

  • Quality of essay. The writer delivered our essay on time. This is a great step toward proving high quality, but everything depended on the essay itself. That’s where we faced disappointment. It was not university-level like we’ve ordered. The paper had huge chunks of paragraphs, no academic structure, and no central point. Quality was the vital element of our review of Fresh Essays and it didn’t meet any standards. We had to ask for revision. It took another two days, and when we had the new paper, it looked just as awful. Maybe grammar mistakes dropped in number, but the rest was as outrageously bad. We decided against using the second revision because for us, the picture was clear.
  • Writers. We spoke with our writer twice. They didn’t sound professional: they made errors in each sentence and showed an impatient attitude. It doesn’t mean that FreshEssays has no experts. It probably does, but the one we got wasn’t good and did a poor job both times. Managers should take note of such instances and interfere when they see a client is unhappy. It didn’t happen, which disappointed us a lot.
  • More about samples. No reviews of talked about samples, so we’d like to elaborate on them a bit. There are many, and they have interesting topics. Alas, their quality is lacking. Usage of first-person pronouns, complete lack of understanding about what thesis is, informal words, and expressions are common problems in each sample. These essays might be free, but they are a reflection of a company and its quality. Right now, it is not satisfying, just like the actual work of this agency’s academic writers.
  • Plagiarism. FreshEssays did well in this category. Most of their samples are original, and each essay from their writers undergoes a serious plagiarism check. While our order was written very badly, it was custom-made. This means a lot, especially for students with specific instructions.

FreshEssays cares about its visitors to an extent, as the presence of samples demonstrates, but it needs more work. There are more things it could do to benefit students, like incorporating scholarly paraphrasing tool for those who want to reword their essays. Managers should read samples carefully and remove those that don’t meet the quality threshold.

Recommendation & Final Words

Is FreshEssays reliable? Yes and no. This is a real company that provides real academic writing services. Its support team is welcoming, and its prices are pleasantly low. Its site has a modern design and offers samples on various useful topics. But its quality is seriously lacking in every regard. Writers don’t show a professional attitude and don’t know academic norms. Revisions aren’t effective, and customer reviews look fake. We give FreshEssays 4.1 stars out of 10. It has a basis for becoming a great writing agency, but it needs to train its employees or find real experts. Check other analyses on Trusted-EssayReviews and find a company you need with no effort!