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EssayPro Writing Service

How many times have you faced a tight deadline having no time to finish writing an essay before the submission date? It happens all the time, considering hectic schedules at universities. Many students don’t even make it until deadlines, because of other tasks to handle, for example, studying.

Services like EssayPro are convenient. Sometimes, people don’t have skills or time to handle essays – services like this might be able to take the edge off. Also, it feels better knowing that a professional will be handling such work.

Website Overview

Most essay writing websites tend to be costly, so most students on a budget avoid using them. Usually, you must sacrifice writing quality, just to receive an affordable essay. According to reviews, can provide high-quality essay writing, without drilling a hole through your budget.

The main page of EssayPro is easy to navigate, which means the ordering process will not take long. Everything is laid out nicely, informing of their features and benefits, so you know what your next step should be. Many students who don’t have a lot of time to spare find this convenient.

EssayPro allows calculating average prices before beginning to make an order. Select features that you want, including the writer, level, and anything that you might consider important. User-friendly and with many convenient features, this website is appreciated by students.

What Pricelist Do They Have?

As mentioned, allows calculating an average price, with prices per page starting at $10.8 (minimum price). Unlike most services that have an exact price, EssayPro features a bidding system. You must provide information for your essay, and select prices that suit your budget.

Also, for our ESSAYPRO Review, we found out that website provides discounts based on the length of papers. More pages in your order mean a more convenient discount. For example, if you request 2 pages, you may get an 8% discount, whereas 6 ordered pages might entitle you to a 33% discount.

Full prices are not the lowest out there, but you get high-quality papers – which make everything worth it. They have both ENL and ESL writers. Those that are not native speakers are well-versed in the English world as well. Reviews mention that the fact that some of their writers are settled in third-world countries (e.g., Kenya) allows them to ask for low fares. In case if you will be unhappy with writings quality, we recommend best grammar checker to polish your paper.

Thanks to the bidding system, EssayPro allows taking a good look at the team’s portfolio. This way, you will know that content is of appropriate quality. For example, if you believe that a price is too good to be true, you can check writers` profiles and see their work.

More complex papers mean higher prices. A basic, entry-level high school paper might cost more than a complex dissertation chapter. For quality you receive, prices on EssayPro are fair.

Types of Services

EssayPro is popular because of its extensive range of services. The essay category allows picking any kind of essay you want – from descriptive and argumentative essays to lab reports, case studies, term papers, research papers, etc. Quality somehow of papers is far from satisfactory. We advise reading essays for free or reviews of other services you are interested in.

The bidding system allows adding any essay type, even if it is not listed. There is an “Other” section for this. When a writer sees an essay they can handle, they will bid for it.

Aside from classic essay writing services, also offers rewriting and editing services. So, if you have an essay, but it needs some tweaking, this website can help. This way, rates are lower because research is all there.

EssayPro also features different deadlines. The shortest deadline is 12 hours, and the longest is 2 months. The longer the deadline, the less you must pay. Also, the number of pages you order might also affect the deadline. No matter how skilled writers may be, no one will be able to write a full dissertation in 12 hours. Maybe only best dissertation writing services could work in a short period of time.

Payment Options

EssayPro offers various payment options. Granted, how you pay the writer is less straightforward compared to how the front page is navigated. Still, it is nothing that cannot be worked around if you learn the steps.

First, you choose your writer. Second, you deposit fees for your paper. Money won’t reach their account immediately. Once you receive the paper and are happy with results, you can release that money. Payment is done using a PayPal account or credit card.

Guarantees has strong guarantee policies. If you do not like how your paper turned out or believe the instructions weren’t followed, you may cancel your order. The reserved funds will then be sent back to you.

If you are happy with the content but believe it needs certain modifications, you may request a revision as well. There is no limit to how many revisions you can ask. However, to make sure there aren’t that many, you might want to set milestones during the writing process.

You may cancel an order on EssayPro, but there aren’t any refunds once a paper was accepted. If you accepted content and the payment was released, but it did not get a satisfactory grade, you cannot get your money – because initially, you accepted the essay.

Still, covers you in terms of the tardiness of the essay. If it’s past the deadline and you haven’t received the paper, you may go for partial payments. You can pay in accordance with the percentage of the completion.

Is This Website Legit?

Considering that it has solid rates and quite a strong guarantee in check for receiving your paper, there is no doubt that EssayPro is a legitimate website. Plus, considering talented people on the website and positive reviews, the company is legit.

Rates for EssayPro are fair, and each person that has made an order received their essay. Communication lines are open at all times, so there isn’t any visible issue that could compromise their reputation.

Papers are sent on time, so in most cases, there aren’t any problems there. Users rarely mentioned a need for a revision – but since EssayPro offers it, customers have some peace of mind.


  • Rates are reasonable for students on a budget
  • Features several ESL writers
  • You can select your favorite bidding writer
  • Deadlines are variable, depending on your urgency
  • Discounts are attractive and convenient
  • The website interface is attractive and easy to use


  • Low bids may lead to a low quality of the essay received
  • It doesn’t have that good phone support
  • They use stock pictures for writers’ profiles


After analyzing services provided by EssayPro and its reviews, we have concluded that it is not the best essay writing service or trusted one. They provide papers for every level and price category, and you can pick the writer based on the bids that have been placed.

You just need to pick a bid that is not too high, nor too low. If you choose lower-priced bids, you might not receive high-quality paper. Overall, Essay Pro has proven worthy of our trust.