Edubirdie Review: Learn All the Truth About Academic Services

30.11.2020 Visit EduBirdie

Our goal is to relieve some of that stress by providing a forum for registered users to vent their problems, get advice from their peers, and otherwise engage in conversations. We also provide direct resources that relate to all areas of student life.

But our greatest benefit, in our opinion, is our ratings and recommendations of online writing services that students are increasingly looking to use to relieve themselves of some of the course assignments that are weighing them down. What they get from us is honest information on these companies, based on solid investigatory work.

Edubirdie came to our attention because there was some “buzz” among our users and an actual request from one for an evaluation and rating. This Edubirdie review is the result of our comparison of its professionalism against our measures.

Payment System

A writing service payment system looms large with us because most students are on tight budgets and tend to want to choose a writing service that is the cheapest. We always caution against this because cheap tends to be “cheap” in quality too.

We look at a few important factors here:

  • Does Edubirdie see a difference in the types of services students need and price according to those differences? A high school student should not pay the same for an essay as a Ph.D. candidate pays for dissertation help.
  • Does Edubirdie structure prices within types of services based upon specific requirements, such as a deadline due date and academic tier of the customer?
  • Does Edubirdie have a cost structure that compares to those of other writing companies that are respected and trusted?
  • Are there other features that could impact the final price a student pays? does operate in very close alignment with other highly rated writing services. It does have distinct pricing structures for various services; it does charge differently based upon student level and deadline parameters. And its prices are about average for professional services.

As to what can impact final costs, Edubirdie does not have a set discount plan, as many others do. But it does offer special sale prices at various times. These obviously reduce costs.

Like most other agencies, there are optional benefits that students can choose from. These come with an added price but may be attractive to some, especially upper level college and grad students.

In all, we find the Edubirdie payment system to be in alignment with those of other professional writing companies we have rated well.

List of Services

When we look at services, we want to see a well-rounded and complete array of offerings. The reason? Because it is best when students can find a writing service “home” that they can use for anything as they move through their schooling years. Edubirdie seems to fulfill this expectation, offering all of the following in its “services” and “editing” links.

  • Essays: Students can order any type of essay, on any topic, at high school, college, and grad school levels.
  • Research Papers: Like essays – any topic, any level
  • Dissertations and Theses: Edubirdie provides Ph.D. researchers and writers to help graduate students with these culminating projects. They will give all types of assistance – refining a research question, writing that all-important proposal, conducting literature reviews, setting up research designs and methodologies, analyzing data, and crafting abstracts.
  • Case Studies: These are usually in fields of business and some social sciences and usually at the graduate levels. But Edubirdie offers case study help at any level.
  • Coursework: there are all types of coursework assignments – short essay answers, oral presentation, projects, even multiple-choice questions. Edubirdie will assign a topic-field expert with the right background to all coursework assignments.
  • Term Papers: These are somewhat similar to research papers, and the same opportunities to get help exist here.
  • Other: This feature applies to all other types of help students may need – such things as STEM coursework, annotated bibliographies, research projects, etc.
  • Editing and Proofreading: There is a separate link for this service, and it includes full reviews, improvement, and polishing of any assignments a student has completed but needs help with.

Edubirdie services span the full array of what students at any academic tier might need. This is a good thing because if a student can find the right fit, he has a “go-to” source over the long haul.

But we have to address quality too. After all, that is what using a writing service is all about. If the quality is not there, quantity is useless.

Here is what we have done to evaluate Edubirdie quality:

  • First, we read the entire website content, page by page. Content is fairly well-organized, but we were really looking for the quality of written content. We found most to be clear and fairly well-written. There were some structural and word usage issues, which indicate that at least some of this content was written by a non-native English speaker.
  • We always review writers’ samples, if available on the website. Edubirdie does not offer samples.
  • Users of our website have used, and they have provided lots of feedback on their experiences. We were also able to obtain a copy of a paper that one of our users had received. This gave us first-hand information. Generally, ESL and secondary school students express satisfaction; as schooling levels progress, there are lower levels of satisfaction. Issues related to research integrity and some grammar and composition were stated. However, Edubirdie does offer revisions, and all customers stated that this policy was honored.
  • We went out on the web to see what other customers had to say. Their feedback was similar to that of our users.

To sum all of this up: has the quantity we want to see. And there are certainly customers who are satisfied with the quality they receive.

Payment Methods

We have an interest in two features. Does Edubirdie offer a variety of payment methods, and is there full security when customers make payments? Here are the facts:

  • Customers can use almost any major bank card for payment. We do wish Edubirdie would offer payment through PayPal. It processes payments for anyone and is about as secure as it gets.
  • We do conclude that payments made to Edubirdie are secure. It does not process payments itself – it does not have the security protocols in place. Instead, it uses a secure payment processing company – one that lots of other online retailers use too.


We do not like that has only one policy. Most highly-rated companies have several. But, in its defense, we have to say that there are promises made throughout the website – promises that are important. Here is a rundown of those that provides:

Customer Satisfaction: This is a broad category, and it includes several things – customer instructions followed, plagiarism-free content, proper formatting, and good research and writing. Edubirdie does have a quality-control department that reviews for all of these elements before a product goes out to a customer.

Money-Back: This is the one Edubirdie written policy, and we recommend that students read it. It outlines the conditions under which customers can request refunds. In general, this is when there is some fault of the company involved.

Deadlines: This is an important promise. Edubirdie states that if it accepts an order, the deadline will be honored. Customers do state that this promise is honored. No customer has stated that his product was late.

Customer Support: Edubirdie maintains a 24/7 customer support department. We contacted them several times, got decent answers to our questions, and found them to be always available (phone, live chat, email).

Originality: This is huge for us. Every product that a good company produces must be free of any plagiarism. According to Edubirdie, its QA department takes care of this for free. But, during the checkout process, students are offered a plagiarism report for $25. This is a bit contradictory.

Customers do state that these promises are upheld, and that is a good thing.

Is Site Legit?

The better question is this: Is this company legit? A website is only a representation of the company it represents. does represent a legitimate company – one that has been in this business for several years and that operates with clear policies and processes. Students place their orders, communicate with their writers, have the right to request revisions, and do receive non-plagiarized products. meets our standards for a legitimate writing service.


We are able to provide the following good features of Edubirdie:

  • There is a group of students who are highly satisfied – ESL and high school.
  • Customers can expect their confidentiality to be honored
  • There are secure payment methods
  • An Edubirdie quality control department reviews all products
  • Deadlines are met


Yes, we have these, too:

  • No samples to review
  • Only one written policy
  • Promise of a free plagiarism scan and a $25 fee for a plagiarism report
  • Customer satisfaction at higher levels is very mixed

To Sum Up represents a legitimate company that provides valuable services to a large segment of the student population – specifically ESL and high school students. For students in higher tiers of academic schooling, though, we would suggest that they look at some of our other highly-rated services.