Be Smart and Choose Wisely: Learn Truth from EasyEssay Review

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Our platform helps students find the best writing company, and EasyEssay review is one of many steps we’ve taken to achieve our goal. This company has 14 years of experience in this industry, making it respectfully old. With 500+ writers, it’s already served more than 14K customers, but interestingly, its online reputation is almost non-existent. We found some reviews from other professional services but next to none from actual students. This is strange for a company that’s been around for so long, but at the same time, it made us more curious and eager to find out what it had in store.

Instructions for Ourselves: How to Write Review

Writing the best essay writing service review is actual science. Our team works hard to keep our opinions objective, and EasyEssay didn’t become an exception. We performed in-depth research into its past, studying its background and reading any reviews we could find. Our experts then looked at its policies, analyzed its website, range of services, pricing system, and placed an order. As we were waiting for results, we spoke with operators and writers + read samples to get a feel of its writing capabilities. After our essay arrived, we read it, discussed it, and gave EasyEssay a final rating that dictates this entire review.

Types of Services on Offer

As it has become our tradition, we will start our EasyEssay review with an overview of the company’s services. They are diverse. Students could find assistance with simple college assignments and complex university tasks. Essays, reviews, term papers, research, analysis, dissertations, and presentations are available. EasyEssay works with 70 disciplines — this is a lot, and we were impressed. Older companies specialize in many directions, and this one isn’t an exception. You could find help with programming or calculations, creative tasks, or college applications. We liked this aspect of this writing agency and hoped that our English paper would look perfect.

Secrets of Easy Essay Reviews

Seeing what customers say is essential for getting the first impression of a company. With EasyEssay, our impression was mixed. On the one hand, there are plenty of comments posted right on its website, but on the other, most of them don’t sound convincing. They are too simpering and praise these services too much. Do you think an actual client would say, “What a brilliant piece of writing, thank you many times for making it so perfectly startling and persuasive”? Or “You are a genius, how amazingly smart you are, only assign me to you, I want only you, I will need you I hope you are available”? We don’t. That does not sound realistic. We’ve seen many comments during our work, and reviews don’t come across as genuine. We got concerned here because respectable agencies working for a long time don’t use dirty advertising like this.

Examining Writing Quality EasyEssay Provides

Quality matters most. Nothing else produces such a significant impression. We hired a writer, gave them a deadline of 2 weeks, and began to wait for results. As we did that, we looked at online samples on EasyEssaysite. You can find all our observations below:

  • Samples were limited in number but free. There are just 5 of them, and while we know that the company is trying to expand its database, this is still not enough. Experienced agencies should help more students by adding numerous samples on various topics. Still, they are free and easy to access, so we appreciate the effort.
  • Our paper arrived on time. EasyEssay reviews claimed that writers deliver their projects timely, and though we don’t believe in their authenticity, we found this true. Our essay got to us right by our deadline.
  • Paper quality was terrible. Unfortunately, the quality of this paper left a lot to be desired. Content sounded like a young school kid wrote it — we can’t put it any other way. Short sentences, awkward constructions, & superficial research proved it. Some students hope for the best personal statements for college that could make or break their future education chances. If these writers cannot cope with a simple English task, they will fail them badly. The same goes for dissertations.
  • Revision wasn’t effective. No reviews of EasyEssay spoke of revisions, so we decided to try this feature. Our team hoped that we got an unprofessional writer and that someone else could improve their work. Sadly, this didn’t happen. The revised paper was delivered on time again, but it looked about the same. Several more complex sentences and references didn’t make it better.

Assessing Customer Support Work

Customer support service stitches the fundament of any writing company together, so they played an essential role in our Easy Essay review. They were helpful and reacted to any questions on time. When we voiced our displeasure, they sounded genuinely sorry and offered us a good discount for future orders. We were happy with their work. Unfortunately, we can’t say the same about writers & managers who are supposed to supervise them.

How Much Money Customers Have to Spend

Prices matter to every student. They don’t want to spend everything they have on one paper, so they try to look for affordable services. is among them. One page for a high school level will cost just $10, provided that you have a deadline not shorter than two weeks. We would say this price is suspiciously low, especially if you remember the bad quality. Great experts demand more substantial salaries, so it’s not surprising they refuse to work for this agency.

Other Important Aspects Worth Mentioning

Quality always means the most to us, but we also analyze other factors. They help us make the final decision. This is what we can say about EssayEssay:

  • Its papers have no plagiarism. This company provides unique papers to its clients. They model orders after students’ requirements, which makes them original. Reviews of Easy Essay US say this much, no matter how dubious we found them. You can test your paper personally by putting it into a plagiarism checker.
  • No helpful tools available. Apart from samples, this agency provides no academic tools students could use. Stuff like the best paraphrasing tool online could be helpful.
  • Dubious guarantees. EasyEssay guarantees to revise a paper if students aren’t happy with it, but as we saw from our example, this doesn’t work in practice. So we can’t be sure whether its privacy or other promises work for real.
  • Timely support. You can get support at any time. Operators, writers, and managers work quickly enough to answer any questions.

Order Your Papers From Trustworthy Companies Only

To conclude our review of EasyEssay, we are going to rate it 4.2 out of 10. It has the experience, professional operators, and low prices, but its quality is abysmal, and reviews seem to be fake. It would be best if you looked for top assistance elsewhere. We hope that EasyEssay improves its services and gets back on its feet.