CleverrUp Review For Students Tired of Mediocre Writing Services

23.05.2022 Visit CleverrUp

CleverrUp is a young and ambitious company, and its existence is the main reason for our CleverrUp review. Academic market is a huge space with numerous competitors: while some of them offer real help, others gladly rip their customers off. Our team specializes in creating essay writing service reviews for the benefit of students, and some of our regular readers pointed us toward this company. CleverrUp hasn’t been around for long, but it’s already gained positive attention. Is it genuine? We promised to find out, and this month, we started our comprehensive analysis. Join us for learning whether this writing agency is worthy of your trust and money!

Criteria for Evaluating CleverrUp

To make this review useful, we applied multiple criteria for assessment. Looking at who created this company, why was the first step. Visiting its website, reading what its customers say on different platforms, and studying the content on every page came second. We wanted to know how seriously management takes content quality. Then our team examined CleverrUp’s policies to ensure they are safe and hired one of its writers, taking note of the price we were told to pay. Once an expert submitted their paper, we did a close analysis and decided their trustworthiness.

First Stop: Available Writing Options

Online Cleverr Up reviews mention different services. The more of them are present, the bigger number of students will find the assistance they need. There are two major categories of services + three payment plans. Like every other writing agency, CleverrUp can write an essay on any academic topic, and its writers handle simple and complex assignments at once. Creative writing, dissertations, research or term papers, reviews or reflections, application or scholarship essays — listing all options is impossible, it’s easier to assume that all of them are covered. It’s good news, though this is a standard we expect from every respectable agency.

The second most interesting service of Cleverr Up is tutoring. Yeah, you heard it right: if you have any questions after a long day at college or exhausting university tasks, this company will offer you a solution. It has an online archive with answers from its specialists, an option of asking your unique questions directly. Note that the archive is still developing, and as the company is new, its volume of answers has just begun to grow. We liked such an original approach to academic services: this combination is interesting and helpful.

Second Stop: Consensus Drawn From Cleverr Up Reviews

Whether you are looking for websites that write papers for you for free or plan to hire an expert for money, knowing what other people say is vital. If you found a company online, there is no way to learn if it is effective unless you risk placing an order or going read comments from older customers. The latter is safer, and we do this for you! Before we started the practical side of our analysis, we searched the web for all reviews. The results were mostly good, though we had some questions.

Since the company hasn’t spent a lot of time in this market, it doesn’t have many reviews. Those we found sound enthusiastic and happy with its services. We noticed that some of our colleagues have already evaluated CleverrUp, too, and their conclusions were positive. What raised our doubts was the comments on the company’s site. Out of ten reviews there, five have profile photos. Would students who ordered academic help really take the time to upload some pics, especially of themselves? The chances of this range from low to non-existent. This makes us wonder if at least several comments are a marketing technique. But there is no way to prove it, and reviews on independent platforms favor CleverrUp.

Third Stop: Level of Quality of Free & Paid Services

Reviews of Cleverr Up focus on paid help, but we’d like to talk about free options first. This company has numerous samples — these are free papers on different academic topics. You could choose, access, and use them for your education. The sample base is huge and diverse, and its quality is surprisingly high. We aren’t certain where CleverrUp found all these samples in such a short time, but most of them have great value.

The most important aspect of review of CleverrUp was our personal order. We asked a writer to compose a research paper on History and submit it in 2 weeks. We always demand this deadline because academic services view it as the most optimal. When these days passed, our paper arrived safe and sound. It had no plagiarism, an important distinction at a time when colleges punish plagiarism with severe penalties, and the word count was just as we ordered. But content and research mattered most to us, so we were excited to see what CleverrUp came up with. This is an overview of our discoveries:

  • Language. The first thing we saw was how clean the paper was. There were some typos, but they weren’t significant — other than that, the text was coherent and flowed naturally. The writer was either an English native speaker or their command of language is spectacular.
  • Style. Formal academic style was maintained throughout the essay.
  • Content. Our team understands why reviews of Cleverr Up were so favorable. The attention to detail and depth of research impressed us. The writer answered every question and followed our requirements 100%. Even though we wanted to test the revision feature to see if it is effective, we couldn’t find a reason to justify it. The content was amazing.
  • Formatting. We selected Chicago format for this essay, something most writers hate and can never get right. But somehow, ours managed. The formatting was clean and mostly flawless.
  • Structure. Strong introduction and thesis, logical opening & closing lines, informative conclusion, and sandwich-style quotes: we had nothing to complain about.

Our review squad didn’t test how CleverrUp experts answer questions, so this part of service remains a mystery. We might do it a little later during the second testing. Stay tuned if you’d like to see results.

Fourth Stop: How Writers & Managers Communicate

We used an opportunity to speak with our writer and remained happy: they were polite and professional, and they did their work properly. Managers also pleased us. We communicated with them via chat when placing our order and as we waited for an essay. They replied quickly, showed an appropriate level of warmth & made us feel welcome. CleverrUp’s system of communication and support is strong as well as reliable.

Fifth Stop: Prices and Discounts at CleverrUp prices interested us from the start. Students want to learn about them first, and we prepared detailed info for them. Essay of 1 page delivered in 2 weeks is worth $15. That’s a good price: some companies charge less, but this number is firmly within an average sector. If you’d like to purchase access to QA sessions, there are three variants. The first one is free and allows seeing the archive and asking 1 question. The second package is called “basic” and it costs $14.99 monthly. You can ask 5 questions and use grader services. The last most expensive package is worth $25.99, and it includes 10 questions along with many other perks.

We found conflicting info on discounts. The company’s site doesn’t have clear info, but some reviews mention that discounts are present & managers confirmed it. You could get one as a first-time customer and in case you place orders for more than $100.

Sixth Stop: Additional Information on This Company

CleverrUp’s support works 24/7. It has a blog with interesting articles plus it offers multiple useful features even to clients who don’t pay anything. Privacy policy is sound: your confidentiality is a guarantee, and dissatisfied customers could ask for revision.

Final Stop: Summarizing Our Findings

What did we uncover during our analysis? There is no point in restating every detail, so look at this list instead. It features key points.


  • Excellent experts. These writers awed us with their work.
  • Useful academic services. Essay writing + online QA sessions with experts available.
  • Affordable prices. Prices are low, particularly for QA packages.
  • Customer-friendly policies. Clients’ interests prevail over everything.


  • Some dubious reviews present. We aren’t sure that reviews on CleverrUp’s website are all authentic.
  • More helpful tools could be available. Some students want to rephrase sentence in their paper or generate a conclusion. Academic-focused platforms should provide such tools.

See Rating & Look for More CleverrUp Reviews in the Future

It’s a relief to find trustworthy services, and CleverrUp is one of them. We offer it 9.1 points out of 10 and we commend it for its work. It has great writers, cheap costs, and a ton of useful materials like samples. It should remove suspicious reviews from its site, but apart from this, everything looks great. Follow our updates on this company to see how its QA specialists cope with their work. If you’d like to know more about other agencies, keep browsing our platform for even more reviews!