Boomessays Review Written by Students and for Students

20.10.2020 Visit BoomEssays

The process of reviewing consists of a careful audit of their website, comparison of different reviews and experiences online, and a manual test order. We usually make several test orders with different requirements to see how the service handles different tasks. To test out the customer support system, we reach out to one of their agents and track their response time and quality of service. When we combine all this, we come to an accurate and objective rating of each site.

Let’s see how did on our test! We examined its pricing system, service portfolio, payment options, and more.

Are Their Prices High?

Essays on Boomessays start at $12.99 a page for students who are in high school. For college students and PhD students, there is a premium on top of this. There are also higher expenses for students who submit their orders last minute. The more urgent your paper is, the more it will cost. This is because the service has to quickly pair you with a suitable writer and pay them a hefty premium from fast work. This is normal in the writing industry, which is why we always recommend submitting your task requirements as soon as possible.

For example, if the same high school student needs the same essay within the next 3 hours, they can pay almost 4 times as much than if they ordered two weeks before through It’s definitely worth it to order your paper in advance, and this can save you a lot of money. Basically, it’s the best way to save on your orders, next to their own discounts and promotions.

The pricing of your order will also depend on the exact type of service you need. Some services are more complex than others, which is why they will be charged at a higher rate. For example, writing a research paper from scratch is considered more complex, of course, than rewriting one or editing one. If you just want editing or proofreading services, your order can amount to just a few dollars per page.

Make sure you take advantage of any possible discounts and promos Boomessays might offer. You can check out the current deals under the section “Discounts” on the main menu.

Writing Services Offered

The primary service Boomessays offers is academic writing. Under this category, you can get academic papers, essays, research papers, theses, dissertations, and much more. The final result will be exactly aligned with your professor’s instructions. Their writers follow your instructions to the letter, and every detail you share will be used to improve your final delivery. They will get you professional dissertation writer to complete your order.

Here are just some of the fields that Boomessays covers in its academic writing services:

  • Business and Economics: nowadays, there is an increasing number of students studying business and economics. Business research papers are, therefore, a popular order on For their writing sample in this field, you can check out “Situational Analysis and Marketing Plan for International Growth” in their samples section.
  • Healthcare: papers and essays in the healthcare domain can be very time-consuming because they require tons of research. That’s why many students decide to outsource papers in this field. For a sample, check out the research paper “Advanced Toxicology.”
  • Geography, History, and Politics: Political Science is getting more complex as international relations tighten and entwine amid globalization. Research and proper citing is more important than ever. For samples in these domains, you can check out Q and A “Geopolitical affairs.”
  • Sociology: Sociology papers and essays are another popular order category on Boomessays. For a sample, check out “The History of Feminism: An analysis of Mary Wollstonecraft and Virginia Woolf.”

Payment Options

There are plenty of payment options to choose from on This company wanted to make sure that every student has the opportunity to order from them. We can say they definitely succeeded in doing so because they managed to partner up with some of the biggest names in top-tier payment platforms.

Boomessays is one of the few writing websites that support PayPal. PayPal guarantees security and scam-free payments for all their customers. When you see that a website supports PayPal, you can be sure that it’s not a scam. This is yet another signal that this is a trustworthy, professional site.

You can also pay with cards (Visa, Mastercard, Amex, or Discover) or use the wire transfer method. This is usually not recommended because it will take the longest. Credit cards are also a great option if you have a cashback deal with your payment provider.


When a new website enters the market, as is the case with Boomessays, they have to offer enticing stuff to allure customers from other websites and services. Students who find a writing service they are happy with usually stick with it throughout college. In other words, brand loyalty is high. New brands like Boomessays have to offer something much better if they want to compete.

Boomessays focused on providing trustworthy and important guarantees so that any new student can feel protected and secure. These are the most important ones:

  • Money back guarantee: for most students, this is the most important guarantee a writing website can offer. On Boomessays, this means that you can file a money-back request in case something is wrong with your paper. This helps students ease their mind about the possibility of receiving a poor paper and losing a lot of money at the same time.
  • No plagiarism guarantee: Boomessays writers guarantee that they do not copy content and texts from other websites of scientific sources. All work that you receive will be original, while ideas and quotes from other people will be properly cited.
  • Prompt delivery: When you pay for a specific deadline, it’s important that it’s respected. Otherwise, the whole premium rate makes no sense, and you just end up without a solution for your upcoming deadline. To tackle this, Boomessays promises that they will deliver their work on time. If not, you are eligible for a full refund.

Is Site Legit?

Boomessays is a legit site that’s growing in popularity and the number of users it serves. Although it has not been present on the market for decades like some other companies, it quickly managed to find and keep a loyal customer base. Now, they are working on expanding it. site has an average rating of 9.68 online.


  • affordable prices and additional discounts
  • great rating, stellar reviews, and great engagement with their previous customers
  • awesome customer support team that’s available 24/7


  • they are new players on the market
  • they hire around 300 writers, which might mean that your field will not be covered
  • there are few free essay papers available and they’ve low quality

To Sum Up

Let’s wrap up this Boomessays review by saying we absolutely loved this service! It may be a new player in the market of academic writing, but so far, it’s proving to be a valid competitor to the best essay service industry veterans. Given that they are new in the industry, you can access a bunch of Boomessays promotional offers and discounts for first-time and returning customers. This way, you will end up paying much less than on other websites. For students who are looking for the perfect combination of price and quality, this is one of the best choices.