BestEssaysEducation Review: In-Depth Study of the Writing Company

29.10.2020 Visit BestEssaysEducation

You have come to the right place. At Trusted Essay Reviews, we do deep research into writing services so that students don’t have to. We use the same criteria for each essay writer websites we review so that the ratings are objective and fair. On our site, you will find not only this summary of BestEssaysEducation but many others that we have also reviewed. We urge you to read this summary and also to look at other companies, as you look to find a good one that will meet our needs.

That said, let’s get into

Pricing and Discounts

When we evaluate the payment systems of writing companies, we are looking for several things:

  • Is the company transparent in its pricing?
  • Can students get an up-front idea of their potential cost?
  • What factors may affect the final cost?
  • Do students have several options to make a payment?
  • How does the company process payments in a fully secure way?

Here is what we found out about BestEssaysEducation.

  • Visitors will find a “quote” form when they land on the BestEssaysEducation site. This is just a quote – not a final price. But it gives a general idea of cost.
  • Pricing is structured based upon the type of academic help a student needs. So, there are different charts for all of these at BestEssaysEducation. And that is just how it should be. A student should not pay the same price for an original piece of writing as he does for editing, homework help, and other types of services.
  • BestEssaysEducation discount program will also affect the final cost once an order is placed. A 23% discount for a first-time order is substantial, but there are also levels of discounts when customers return and special offers at other times.
  • There are optional extras which come with costs. offers them during the ordering process and includes such things as choosing a writer with a higher level of experience, a one-page summary, and customized customer support. These are probably appropriate for students at higher academic levels.

BestEssaysEducation pricing system is fair and affordable, closely matching that of other highly regarded writing services.


So, this criterion is actually broken down into two parts. First, we look for a broad scope of services.  The more, the better, because once students decide on a writing service, they should be able to get all of their needs met over time. Second, we investigate the quality of the products/services a company actually produces for its customers.

Scope of Services

BestEssaysEducation has divided all of its services into individual categories, each with its own pricing structure and detailed explanations of what those categories contain.

  • Academic Paper Writing: this category includes lots more than just paper writing. It really applies to almost every type of written or oral assignment a student might get, from high school through graduate level projects.
  • Rewriting/Editing/Proofreading: these are actually two separate categories, but they involve re-doing student work in some manner. In the case of re-writing, students may have written a poor piece, knowing that they have their thoughts in place but not the structure or suitable composition. Editing and proofreading speak for themselves – these are features for polishing student works. has the staff to do this.
  • Other homework and projects: this is a catch-all category to take care of anything not covered elsewhere.
  • STEM coursework: science, technology, engineering, and math problems, problem sets, projects, and more. BestEssaysEducation has degreed experts in all topic fields.
  • Admissions Services: this, again, speaks for itself. High school students need creative and engaging admissions essays to set themselves apart from their competition. The same goes for university level students who need personal statement essays to apply for grad programs. BestEssaysEducation has a department of creative writers for this purpose.
  • Dissertation Services: this is specific to those major grad projects that require Ph.D. consultants. You can read our best dissertation writing service reviews to learn more about this type of help.
  • Resume Services: a category that includes original documents or the editing of pre-existing ones.
  • Multiple-choice Questions: students often “clutch” during testing. BestEssaysEducation has topic-specific experts to take those tests – timed or untimed.

It’s obvious that BestEssaysEducation service covers the entire scope of anything a student might need.

Quality of Services

Here is the strongest key to our rating and recommendation of a writing service. Without quality, the quantity does not matter. Our investigation revealed the following about BestEssaysEducation:

  • We studied every word and every page of the BestEssaysEducation website, looking for structure, clarity, and evidence of perfect grammar and composition. This is always an indication of the quality customers might expect. We were not disappointed.
  • We reviewed the two example writings posted on the site. Both were at the university level and reflected solid research and exceptional composition.
  • We gathered all of the mentions, posts, conversations, and feedback that users of our website have contributed about BestEssaysEducation. Those who have been and still are customers of this company give it rave reviews.
  • We scoured the web for mentions and comments about com. What we found further verified what our users have had to say.

So, there you have it. Based on our investigation, the quality is definitely there.

Payment Methods

There is no disappointment here, either. First of all, because its customer base is international, BestEssaysEducation provides for payment in several different currencies. And there are options to use every major bank card or wire transfer. The additional option to run those bank card payments through PayPal provides a good level of security too.

Consumers have concerns when they use an online retailer for the first time – how secure is the payment system? If customers do not want to use PayPal, BestEssaysEducation still protects their financial information. It does not process any payments via its website. Instead, it uses a third-party platform that is reputable throughout the online payment industry.


We do not even look at a writing service that does not have guarantees. We want to see guarantees, and we want to see that they are actually executed in real practice. These are the guarantees that BestEssaysEducation provides through its policies and other content on its site:

  • Original and Customized Writing: Orders are begun only after a writer has been assigned. All customer instructions are followed; every finished piece is scanned for plagiarism, for conformance with instructions, for suitable research, and for sound grammar and composition. BestEssaysEducation does not release a piece for delivery until these checks have been made.
  • Customer Satisfaction: If ever a customer is not completely happy with what he receives, he only needs to let his writer or the BestEssaysEducation customer support staff know what must be changed. These revisions will be made quickly and expertly.
  • Ownership: Once a student takes the final delivery of his order, it becomes his property alone. It is deleted from the BestEssaysEducation system and never available to be seen by anyone else.
  • Money-Back: BestEssaysEducation does have a policy that outlines when and how students are awarded refunds – some partial, some full. Students should read through this policy.

BestEssaysEducation has the guarantees we want to see. And, according to customers, when they need to make use of these guarantees, they are honored.

Is Site Legit?

We have tough standards for legitimacy. If a site is to be judged legitimate, it must represent a company that exhibits honesty, transparency, and commitment to its customers in every way. From what our investigation has revealed, the BestEssaysEducation website represents such a company.


These are our favorites:

  • Customers come first
  • Products are of exceptional quality
  • Customer support is responsive
  • Ongoing communication between client and writer
  • The right guarantees


A couple of changes should be made:

  • The company blog is outdated – more current articles and topics needed
  • More variety and numbers of samples are needed

To Sum Up is a top-of-the-line writing company in every way. It sports a business model that solidly has the customer at the forefront. Its commitment to quality and satisfaction is evident in all of its operations. We highly recommend BestEssaysEducation.