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When we started creating this BestEssays review, we had a clear idea in our minds. We don’t want to disappoint our readers and we want to share our objective opinion on how this company works. Therefore, we made a deep research on to understand which are the services and fees delivered by the vendor. In this review, we will share the pros and cons identified in our research.

Pricing Matrix

When we entered, we immediately noticed the price calculator. This smart tool allows customers to calculate how much they will have to pay for the writing service they need. Also, by using this instrument, the vendor inspires more trust in the clients. The price calculator can be equivalent to transparency. The final quotation is determined by the essay’s difficulty, deadline, and number of pages. For example, we calculated which would be the price for a high school essay delivered in 10 days. The fee would be $21.52 for one page.

BestEssays includes some free services delivered together with the content writing. Therefore, clients will receive the bibliography, outline, title page, amendments, and formatting without paying any extra amounts. The real price of such services is normally around $65.

Discounts are also important, especially for students who have limited budgets. Therefore, they are permanently looking for price reductions to make the final fee more attractive.

BestEssays offers a 15% discount for new clients. On the other hand, returning clients are not forgotten and they are encouraged to submit more orders on with permanent discounts based on the total number of pages ordered by the client.

For example, customers will receive a 5% discount if they submit orders that accumulate total pages from 15 to 50. The discount becomes 10% when the client reaches the total number of pages from 51 to 100. Finally, the highest possible discount that a returning client can receive is 15% for orders that totalize more than 101 pages.

Despite the discount program looking quite interesting, we recommend BestEssays to add seasonal discounts. Therefore, they will come with a solution for desperate clients who don’t know how to split their budgets during the busy exam sessions. Thus, the prices will be more attractive for students and encourage them to return to for more orders.

Delivered Services

BestEssays manages to offer diverse services that meet the clients’ requirements. Therefore, when it comes to academic writing, BestEssays works with writers who can deliver different types of papers. For example, they can order term papers, book or movie reviews, custom essays, or case studies. Besides, the clients can order reaction papers, lab reports, or article critique directly from

Admission writing services are also included in the list of services delivered by BestEssays. Students can increase their chances to be accepted to the colleges they like by collaborating with talented writers for personal statements or scholarship essays. We recommend using the best website to check plagiarism after receiving you paper to avoid being caught on copy-pasting. In addition, the list of services available on includes dissertation or thesis writing. Thus, the vendor works with professional writers who can work on the dissertation’s chapters and also deliver editing and proofreading services.

Young professionals can count on BestEssays for resume writing. The company works with writers who have experience in human resources and know how to develop a winning resume. Thus, the clients can count on the writers’ expertise and improve their chances to get accepted to the job they’ve always dreamed of.

In our opinion, BestEssays should work on improving writing services for businesses. Entrepreneurs are interested in working with talented writers who can produce press releases, news releases, or business presentations.

Payment Methods

BestEssays does a great job in allowing clients to pay for the services they order only by using 100% safe methods. Therefore, the clients can pay for their orders submitted on with their cards. The vendor accepts cards issued by MasterCard, VISA, Discover, Maestro, or AMEX cards. Besides, the customers can pay for their orders via WireTransfer. Even though these payment instruments might be enough, BestEssays could be more attractive for students if they allow payments via PayPal as well.

Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions section includes clear rules on how the refunds and revisions are handled. Both the clients and the writers need to have comprehensive guidelines that will guide them through the ordering and writing process.

Revision Policy

Free revisions are granted if the client submits the request in the 14 days since he/she received the paper from the writer. In the case of dissertation paper, lab report, or large papers, the term becomes 30 days. Also, it is essential that the client keeps the same instructions as those mentioned in the initial order.

BestEssays has a Quality Assurance Department in place. They will carefully check each request and decide whether free revisions should be granted or not. Also, if they discover that the customer exaggerates with the reasons mentioned for free revisions, they can decide to limit such requests. Besides, if the client changes the instructions mentioned in the order form, then BestEssays will ask for extra charges.

Refund Policy

Customers can submit refund requests using different messaging options. They can either use the Order Messaging System or send direct mail to the Customer Support Team. Once the refund request is submitted, the team will carefully check what are the clients’ reasons, at what moment the writer submitted the request, and what would be a fair solution for him/her. Only after all these parameters are evaluated, BestEssays will come with a fair solution.

Full refunds will be granted in case the client decides to ask for money back as no writer has been assigned to deliver the order. Besides, 100% of the money paid will be returned to the client if he/she demonstrates that he/she paid for the order twice by mistake.

When the client wants to cancel an order which is in progress, the customer support team will calculate a maximum amount of 60% from what the client paid. For orders which are on hold, the maximum refunded amount can be up to 60% in case the writer still has work to do on the order. In case the writer is late with the deadline but the client decides to extend it as he/she needs the paper, then BestEssays will recalculate the final quotation. Therefore, they will return the difference to the customer as long as this amount doesn’t exceed 20% of the initial price.

Is the Site Legit? is a legit site as it allows customers to pay for their orders using 100% safe payment instruments. The clients can pay for their orders via card or WireTransfer. Therefore, the site has an encrypted system incorporated which secures the payments and makes the clients trust the vendor. Also, we found privacy and confidentiality policies. Thus, the clients’ confidential data is protected.


BestEssays has the following positive characteristics:

  • Secure payment methods
  • Refunds and revisions policies
  • Transparency
  • Detailed scheme of discounts


BestEssays has to find solutions for the following aspects:

  • PayPal should be accepted as a payment instrument


BestEssays manages to attract its clients with diverse services for different academic levels. Also, it uses a price calculator that allows the customers to know from the beginning how much they would need to pay for the type of content they need. In addition, the discount scheme is quite generous for new and loyal customers. Besides, we consider that BestEssays does a good job by allowing customers to pay with legit payment instruments. However, should be open for payments via PayPal as well.