Best Free Essay Websites for Students of All Levels


Numerous students use the services of the best free essay websites, but many have never heard of them. Everyone knows the saying about free cheese, and who would believe that there are platforms offering academic assistance for no money? However, they do exist. Websites that write papers for you for free do it for advertising purposes. They want to acquire you as a client, and to show that they have great writers who could work with your unique instructions, so they offer free usage of their essay collection. Some students may look for a professional plagiarism checker, specifically because they aren’t certain their work is original, but absolutely everyone would love to receive free help as they are working on their college assignment. TrustedEssaysReviews researched companies that you could use. Learn more about each and check their databases.

The Best Four Free Essay Writing Websites in 2022

We were curious to discover which companies have the best free papers. Our team tested an endless number of them, crafting reports and comparing them. After ardent discussions, we finally arrived at the four best options.

Most Popular
1. GrabMyEssay
9.5 /10
Top features:
  • Numerous samples available. There are almost 100 pages with essay examples on many topics.
  • High quality. The essays we tested had great quality.
  • No limitations. Everything is free and instantly accessible.
  • Cheap services. The price for unique help costs $14.99 for one page.
Price starts: $14.99
Min deadline: 3 hours
Choose writer: No
Use of English: ESL&ENL

Some companies have huge databases with free paper samples. GrabMyEssay goes above and beyond: there are 94 pages with 100% free essays on all possible topics. Those who visit this platform for the first time might not understand how to search for a theme they want. But once you know where to look, the system becomes clear: just glance on your left and see the “related categories” column. Sort through essay examples by picking a subject, type of paper & academic level. A short description coupled with a title, formatting style, and the first several sentences are instantly visible, so you can read them and decide if you want to open this specific essay.

You can copy all free essay papers without any restrictions. There is no need to register or pay anything — read as many samples as you’d like and copy the ones that left an impression. We tested 10 random essays, and they all stunned us in a positive way. They had professional language, correct formatting, strong sources, and precise academic structure. This company also has paid writing services, and they are perfectly affordable. One page is $14.99 & you could pick any subject. We were happy with GrabMyEssay and we consider it the best free essay example provider.

Best Quality
2. WritingUniverse
9.2 /10
Top features:
  • Impressive database. 100k essay examples guarantee a lot of choices.
  • Best quality. Free essay examples have the best content.
  • Easy search. Students can pick any category and use keywords.
  • Affordable prices. $11.99 is the minimal price for personal writers.


  • No anonymous downloading option. Students have to create an account if they want to download a paper.
Price starts: $11.99
Min deadline: 4 hours
Choose writer: No
Use of English:

This is one of the best free essay sites that we’ve had the pleasure of testing. Cool design, clear interface, and 100K of samples — what could be better? Students can type the title of their essay to see matches or sort essay examples by categories. There are 29 of them, which makes the process of search simple. Every option has a useful summary that can help you narrow down your parameters even further. Press “continue reading” if one of the examples sounded right up your alley, and choose what you want to do with it. Your options are to download, print, or get it via email. And this is where the downside comes: there is no way to take content without creating an account. Not everyone is willing to share their email, and this might pose problems. But reading is free and registering doesn’t take long.

The quality of these free essays online is stellar: as before, we looked at ten different papers and analyzed them from all sides. They were well-researched and they impressed us with their professionalism. WritingUniverse managers are professional and they take care of the content on their website. Students could hire writers for money, too — one page of a high school paper is worth $11.99. This is cheap and we are certain that most customers would be able to afford it. With all these aspects, WritingUniverse earns the second spot.

Urgent Delivery
3. TopEssayWriting
9.0 /10
Top features:
  • Good diversity. Many essay examples are available.
  • Best sample quality. Most essays are written by experts.
  • Informative search. There are lots of sorting options present.
  • Writing costs are cheap. Students would have to pay $12.99 for original work.


  • No downloading option at all. There is no way to download essay examples.
Price starts: $12.99
Min deadline: 6 hrs
Choose writer: No
Use of English: ESL&ENL

If you want free essays online for college, this website is going to help. It has a simple, unobtrusive interface and its “samples” section is immediately visible. All essay examples are divided into groups based on their subject. Each has keywords to help visitors find what they are looking for quickly. For instance, if you choose “Business,” you can pick marketing, manufacturing, retail, corporate governance, and other topics. Once you are directed to a new page, you can see various related titles. Start reading texts after making sure that the academic level and theme meet your interests.

We liked the quality a lot. In a sample of 10 free essays papers, only two had mixed levels. The rest were professional and academic in nature. A more serious problem is that downloading is impossible. You cannot copy anything — you are only allowed to read papers. But registration is not needed, which is a plus. TopEssayWriting offers its writers for hire: if students like essay examples, they can place a unique order. Prices are cheap here — one page costs as little as $12.99. By market norms, this is affordable. We enjoyed this website’s collection of essay examples and we recommend it to you.

Best Price Offer
4. ProEssayService
8.9 /10
Top features:
  • Convenient search. Finding free essay examples is simple.
  • Best samples quality. It’s obvious that managers pick only the best papers.
  • Quick downloads. You could grab a PDF file of a sample you liked.
  • Affordable costs. You’d have to pay $12.99 for 1 page of original content.


  • Very few samples. Less than 50 samples are on this website, so the chances of finding what you need are slim.
Price starts: $12.99
Min deadline: 6 hours
Choose writer: No
Use of English: ESL&ENL

Of all websites that write essays for you free, this one gets fourth place in the list of the best. On the one hand, it has a cool modern design, an understandable interface, and an efficient search system. You can click “samples” and instantly see the available papers. But this is where the problem hides: there are 42 essay examples. It’s not a lot at all, meaning that many young people are going to leave with nothing, as only a limited amount of essays is present. This platform needs to diversify its collection and encourage writers to provide more content. Readers who want to see this or that paper need to choose the “view sample” option and they’ll be forwarded to a new page. All files are in PDF format, so you can download them with no problems.

Our team enjoyed nine out of ten free essay samples we checked. They have a high level of writing quality, good sources, insightful research, and they follow academic style rules. You could learn a lot from them. Everything would have been perfect if there were more papers present. Paid essay help costs $12.99 per page — a low price for professional assistance. Overall, we were happy with ProEssayService’s work.

Why Our Opinions Are Trustworthy

We have numerous loyal visitors who use our insights to make hiring decisions on a constant basis. If this is your first time on our website, you should know this: our team has been searching for the best free essays websites, research, term paper, dissertation, and personal statement writing services for years. We constantly analyze companies, use their services and write down our impressions. TrustedEssayReviews has lengthy experience in academic writing — we know what a perfect agency should look like. Our research is unbiased as we have no affiliations with any agencies, and we frequently review our assessments with the help of your feedback.

How Can Paid & Free Essay Writing Service Help?

Academic writing companies can be of great help to students, which is why we focus on exploring them. College is a busy time, and some subjects are bound to be boring, difficult, or time-consuming. Paid writers can follow clients’ instructions and create a paper in their stead. They could write a paper, book, or dissertation. This is an ideal option for those who cannot cope with their homework for whatever reason. Once your essay is ready, you can decide what to do with it. You could use it as your own, even though such an approach isn’t encouraged, or you could just study it closely to gain knowledge.

Free online essays for students have their own value. Not everyone is ready to pay for writing help, no matter how low the prices are. Finding a free sample on a relevant topic is the best decision. It costs you nothing and you could gain useful ideas, find great sources, and see what a strong academic structure means. Samples are a starting point that gives you a sense of direction.

How to Find a Real Free Essay Website?

There are many websites that offer free essays online for students, but only some of them are legit. Luckily, it is easy to understand which of them are trustworthy. If a platform boasts of having free samples but once you click on one, you are asked to pay a fee, it’s a scam. If you consider hiring writers, check free papers at first: do they sound okay? If they have mistake upon mistake and were obviously written not by English native speakers, stay away from such an agency.

Tips for Choosing the Best Free Essay Service

When looking at websites that write essays for free, how to know you’ve made the best choice? We have an answer to this question! Follow our tips and you won’t make a mistake.

  • Read reviews. People tend to exchange their opinions about various services. Rely on them to locate reliable services.
  • Visit the website. Trust yourself: look at the website of one of the companies. Does it look modern? Is its content flawless, or does it have errors? This could help you get the initial impression.
  • Look at the number of essays. The more essays for free are available, the better a company looks. If it has a solid database of samples, it speaks of its experience and determination to help students.
  • Scrutinize a few samples. Read even those samples that don’t interest you to assess their quality. If a couple looks good, this is a worthy platform.

Paid or Free? Prices for Essay Writing

Both types of essays could be helpful. Students who don’t want to write should consider hiring experts; those who don’t mind working by themselves but need assistance could benefit from free college papers online. If you think of paying, you should know about the costs. Anything between $11 and $15 is affordable. Other prices usually spell trouble.

Visit Major Platforms with Reviews

Apart from reading specialized academic review sites, check platforms that other students visit. These are Reddit, SiteJabber and TrustPilot. You can verify posters’ profiles to ascertain that their comments are genuine and see what management replies.

Reasons for the Existence of Our Website

We exist because we want to help students. We were in their place once, and we had no idea where to look for help. Now we’re providing it! By visiting us, you’ll find the best website that writes essays for you.

Improve Your College Accomplishments with Free Essays

Using a wide arsenal of academic tools is the best way to improve college performance. Apply a conclusion generator for finishing your paper quickly; use a summarizer and read samples to see examples of stellar work. Locating free non plagiarized essays might be hard, so rely on our reviews. Check the services we recommended, and if their samples help you, think about hiring them if you need an essay based solely on your requirements!

Best Free Essay Websites for Students of All Levels

Look for samples. Every respectable company has them: they don’t cost a cent, and they cover numerous topics, including yours.

It’s perfectly legal. Samples are educational examples: they guide & inspire you, and they don’t make you cheat.