Best Dissertation Writing Services


The rare dissertation student does not try to locate the best dissertation writing services to get dissertation help. However, they often don’t know how to evaluate if a dissertation service is trustworthy. At Trusted-Essay Review, we have researched and found the best essay writing services that employ qualified pros to help you with your Master’s or Ph.D. project.

Best Dissertation Writing Services

While many online academic writing services provide dissertation help, they range from excellent to very poor. And it’s our job to evaluate and rate them. With that in mind, we are providing concise reviews of what we believe to be four of the very best writing services for students seeking dissertation help.

Most Popular
1. Writing Universe
Writing Universe
9.8 /10
Price starts: $11.99
Min deadline: 3 hours
Choose writer: No
Use of English: ESL&ENL

Writing Universe is not well-known for its top dissertation writing services. What it is most known for is the huge supply of sample essays and papers which students can use for research and reference. But this agency has quietly and steadily developed a professional research and writing staff of exceptional professionals from all academic fields – professionals who hold degrees from Bachelor’s through Ph.D.’s and provide customized research, writing, and editing for students at any academic level. This includes dissertations.

Ph.D. candidates who have used Writing Universe for dissertation help have nothing but praise for the results. Our experience was similar, and our dissertation review of this agency reflects that. What’s even better? Pricing is reasonable when compared with other agencies offering this quality.

Best Quality
2. Grab My Essay
Grab My Essay
9.7 /10
Price starts: $14.99
Min deadline: 3 hours
Choose writer: No
Use of English: ESL&ENL

This writing service has been around for several years and has demonstrated a continued commitment to quality. To assist with dissertations, it carefully selects its researchers, writers, and editors from among Ph.D. holders in various research fields – academics who remain current in their fields and have a strong background in formal research and writing.

Each student who requests a dissertation writer, researcher, or editor will receive a consultant from their research field to assist, according to their needs. This help may range from providing advice, help with literature review research, statistical workup, assistance with the writing, to editing, and more. Prices are based upon the type and amount of help and are calculated individually.

Grab My Essay has a reputation for providing a comprehensive array of quality research and writing services for students in high school, college, and graduate/professional programs, with reasonable prices, strong guarantees, and great customer service.

Urgent Delivery
3. Top Essay Writing
Top Essay Writing
9.6 /10
Price starts: $12.99
Min deadline: 6 hours
Choose writer: No
Use of English: ESL&ENL

Here is an online writing service that offers a comprehensive array of academic writing help for students at any level. Relative to its dissertation services, we found that they have Ph.D. consultants in almost all research fields who offer assistance with any or all chapters. Whether a student needs a proposal, literature review, research design, or statistical workup, they will find it all here.

The research design that we ordered and received was a well-thought-out piece of work that would satisfy any advisor or committee. The company also offers full editing and proofreading services, along with writing and graphic help.
Our dissertation reviewers also found that students who have used Top Essay Writing for their dissertation help are overwhelmingly satisfied with the results. Prices begin at $12.99/page, but the total cost is individually-based because the needs are so unique.

Best Price Offer
4. Best Essays Education
Best Essays Education
9.0 /10
Price starts: $12.99
Min deadline: 3 hours
Choose writer: No
Use of English: ESL&ENL

As with all of the writing agencies that we have found to provide the best dissertation help, Best Essays Education provides Ph.D. academics in all research fields who are assigned based upon their own Ph.D. degrees. This company offers comprehensive help for any and all doctoral candidate needs and has shown itself to be one of the top producers of research, writing, and editing for dissertation assistance.

Students who have used the service for their projects have posted rave reviews on social media and consumer review sites, as well as on our site. Our experience with an ordered research design was exceptional, and the pricing was very reasonable. It begins at about $21/page with a minimum of a 14-day deadline. For these reasons, Best Essays Education has received one of our best dissertation writing services reviews.

These above services have all met our strict criteria for types of dissertation services, for quality of researchers, writers, and editors, for quality of final products, and for pricing, benefits, and customer service. What’s more, they have written policies that provide critical guarantees – revisions, confidentiality, security of payment methods, and customer satisfaction. For these reasons, these four have received the best dissertation writing service reviews from our evaluation staff.

Let’s take a look at dissertation services in greater detail.

Why Is It Important to Find the Best Dissertation Service?

Producing a dissertation is a long, grueling, and stress-inducing task. It normally takes months, once you have had your research question and design approved by your advisor and committee. As you work on this project, you will discover your strengths and weaknesses from among the many skills you will need:

  • Conducting deep research into the work of other scholars who have published research that directly relates to your research question is time-consuming. There may be plenty of “false starts,” and you may miss pieces that are critical to your research. When you read our dissertation writing services reviews, you will know that our top recommendations are for those agencies that have the researchers to help you find the current and most relevant resources for your literature review.
  • Constructing the perfect research design can be challenging. Will it be qualitative or quantitative? What are nuisance factors that you will have to plan for? Over how long a period will that research occur, and how many subjects must be included for it to be valid? The best Ph.D. dissertation writing services will have scholars in your research field who can help you set up that design.
  • Statistical analysis of the data you collect will require mathematical skills, along with written and graphic explanations and conclusions. Students who are in non-stem research fields often lack the expertise to “run the math,” and will need help presenting it all. If this sounds like you, then study our dissertation reviews to find those that have the statisticians you will need.
  • Grammar and Compositional Issues. You may be an ESL student or someone who has always struggled with formal academic writing. You cannot afford to submit a finished product that contains grammatical, syntax, composition, or stylistic errors. It will not be accepted. Even if you have completed your project, you need to find the best dissertation writing service, with a Ph.D.-level writer in your field to provide a full edit, from start to finish. You can then submit that finished piece with confidence.
  • An abstract is always a requirement for dissertation submission. Attempting to consolidate months of research, data, and conclusions into a single page of writing can be hugely frustrating. As an option you can use the best conclusion generator. When you access our dissertation writing services review site, you will be able to find a company with the professional expertise to produce that abstract.

Finding the Right Dissertation Reviewer for Editing Purposes

By far, the most popular type of dissertation help is editing and proofreading. Why? Because even though Master’s and Ph.D. candidates believe they have produced the best dissertation writing they can, there is that one final task which they should never do on their own.

That task is editing and proofreading. Just like doctors can not treat themselves, dissertation writers should not edit their own pieces of writing.

First, as an author, you are emotionally attached to every word, every sentence, and every paragraph. If you then go back and try to edit it yourself, you are going to miss some errors in structure, grammar, flow, coherence, and even plagiarism, if a source citation has been omitted.

A “second set of eyes” from an objective scholar in your subject field will find any of these errors, point them out to you with recommendations for “cleaning them up.” Our dissertation writing services review criteria include the educational and background information of editors, how they are assigned to student orders, as well as how pleased actual customers are with the editing services they receive.

What About the Cost of Dissertation Editing?

Obviously, editing does not cost as much as writing. And most agencies will charge a per-page price, based upon the deadline requirement of the client. Average for the industry can range from $7 – $10/page. This is costlier than editing of essays and such, because top writing services will always assign a Ph.D. field-specific academic to the task. To spread out the cost, you can request an edit as you complete each chapter, and providing a longer deadline parameter will keep costs down.

Finding the Best Dissertation Writers

Editing may be the most popular service requested by student dissertation writers. But, in most cases, those Ph.D.-holding editors are also writers.

For example, as student researcher has finished their research, they face the task of presenting the results clearly and concisely. If a student is struggling with this part, they often hire a dissertation writing service with a Ph.D. in their field to help out.

Likewise, a student may have completed their project but struggles with the introductory chapter. They may need a writer to review their dissertation and help compose a chapter that will clearly define the research question and provide the engaging “foreshadowing” to generate the reader’s interest and make them study the entire piece.

In both cases, the student will need an exceptional writer from a relevant research field. And to choose wisely, they will need to study the best dissertation writing service review summaries. Again, that is where we come in to help you.

Criteria and Features We Want to See in Dissertation Writing and Editing Services

The most important features of any product from a writing service are overall structure, logical flow of ideas, clarity of presentation, citation accuracy, and perfect grammar/composition in a scholarly style. Beyond that, the agency must offer a choice of English types – British, American, Canadian, or Australian. And, of course, all client instructions must be followed.

We have common criteria for all academic writing services we review.

  • We review every page of the company website, looking for clarity, good organization, and exceptional written presentations of products and services. We like to see samples.
  • We want to see information about the employed writers, how they are recruited, the required background and experience, and the methods by which writers and editors are screened and selected. And we want to see that these pros are native English-speakers.
  • We want to see options within the English language – American, UK, Canadian, and Australian.
  • We want to see prices that are average for the industry, other benefits, discounts, and certain free essays online. In terms of pricing, writing usually is within the $21/page range with sufficient deadline provided. Editing is less – and may range from $7 – $10/page, depending upon the scope of the ordered editing.
  • We look for opportunities for client and writer/editor to communicate directly with one another
  • We check out the written policies that have the right guarantees and demonstrate commitment to customer satisfaction
  • On-time delivery is critical, so we check the agency’s reputation and history for meeting deadlines
  • Customer reviews, comments, and feedback are carefully checked for validity and reviewed.
  • Personal and financial information must be secured properly
  • Writers and editors must be assigned to client orders based upon a match between the order details and their subject area degrees and degree levels. For dissertation work, assigned professionals must have Ph.D.’s in the research fields of their clients and significant experience in that level of scholarly writing.
  • We look for quality in the products and services we ourselves order. In the case of dissertation services, we typically order a research design workup and an edit of a section. We want to see exceptional work delivered back to us.

As you can see, our dissertation review service leaves “no stone unturned” when it comes to digging into the details of any agency we evaluate. We want to give our readers everything they might need to choose the company that will meet their unique needs.

When you access our site, you will see our top picks of agencies that provide dissertation help. For each company we evaluate, we provide a numerical rating along with our full review summary and a link to the service’s website. You will first see the four top agencies – those listed above, and then a listing of what we believe are the best 10 writing services out there. Many of these 10 do offer dissertation services, and you can visit them directly from our site to check out what they can offer you.

Your Dissertation is Finished – Don’t Skip the Editing Step

When you type that last sentence, you can feel a huge burden lift from your shoulders, and it will be time to celebrate big-time. You have completed a task that close to 50% of doctoral students never finish. But your dissertation is not quite “fully-baked” yet. It must go back into the oven for editing. The best advice we can give you is not to perform the edit yourself. You will miss errors in structure, flow, clarity, grammar, and even spelling – errors that will result in rejection by your committee. Now is not the time to be frugal. Read our reviews of top agencies and find a professional editor in your research field to perform your edit.