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Is it possible to find an assignment expert to help students with their homework? AssignmentExpert review will tell you that such services exist and help our readers understand how to order them. The details of essay service review we present in the paragraphs below come from We used the company’s official site to extract verified details and make sure that we don’t miss any essential information that might interest our readers.

We discovered that the AssignmentExpert ordering process is quite easy. Clients have to enter on and add the details of their assignment. The vendor will then evaluate the assignment’s difficulty and assign an expert who can take it. As we want to be objective, we also want to share some things that we didn’t like. We expected more transparency from the vendor’s side. Thus, we consider that they should include a fee calculator on We think this is a sign of transparency and clients need to know from the beginning how much they have to pay for the services they order.

Fees and Discounts

As we already mentioned, AssignmentExpert doesn’t have a transparent policy when it comes to prices and discounts. We checked all pages available on and we couldn’t find enough information on the prices’ average or range. Therefore, we consider this is a major drawback that AssignmentExpert has as it doesn’t offer clear details to the clients.

According to the explanations given on the ordering process, we found that the system is very easy. The clients have to enter the details of their assignment in the order form and submit it on The customer support team will analyze the request and propose a final price and an expert to work on it. So, before they reach this point, customers cannot know how much they might have to pay for their assignment.

As for discounts, the company doesn’t offer any details either. It’s not clear whether clients receive price reductions if they submit an order for the first time on Also, the company should encourage returning clients to come back for more orders. So, we consider that they should develop a loyalty program that offers permanent discounts to loyal customers.

List of Services Provided

AssignmentExpert offers assignment help on different topics. The experts working for AssignmentExpert are experts in different fields. For example, they can deliver assignment help services on math, engineering, physics, management, chemistry, biology, programming, economics, history, or English. When it comes to difficulty level, customers can deliver services for various academic levels. So, they can order content for high school, college, bachelor, and master’s and Ph.D. levels.

The variety of services is guaranteed by the assignment experts’ proficiency. The company works with degree-holding experts. They are specialized in math, programming, physics, and so on. Also, AssignmentExpert offers plagiarism-free works and keeps high-quality standards. Thus, the vendor manages to keep the clients’ satisfaction high. AssignmentExpert also finds dedicated writers to take care of each order and follow the clients’ deadlines. In addition, they offer questions and answers service without extra costs. In case you will be not sure in quality, you can use the best grammar checker app.

Payment Methods

The payment methods available on are diverse and secure. Clients can pay for the services ordered with their cards. Therefore, AssignmentExpert accepts different types of cards. American Express, Discover, VISA, and MasterCard cards are the type of cards accepted by AssignmentExpert. Also, as students usually don’t like to pay attention to introducing the card and CVC numbers to finalize the payment, they need easier and faster payment options. This is why AssignmentExpert allows customers to pay for their orders via PayPal. This payment instrument is as safe as the card and requires less attention from the customer’s side.

Money-Back Guarantee

AssignmentExpert reserves the right to cancel or refuse an order at their sole discretion and without giving any explanation to the client. For example, AssignmentExpert won’t accept an order if the client doesn’t give enough details in the order form or because of the missing pricing information. If such a situation appears, the company will notify the client.

In case the order is accepted, the vendor will put all efforts to deliver the paper on time and meet the client’s specifications. However, AssignmentExpert understands that unexpected things might appear and clients might decide to call off an order. This is why a refund policy is needed and it is available on

AssignmentExpert asks clients to submit all instructions in the original order form. In case the client wants to make changes during the period the assignment expert takes care of the order, the company might decide to delay the delivery or refuse any request. Besides, it is essential to mention that once AssignmentExpert finds a writer to do the order, refunds won’t be accepted, only if some conditions are respected.

In case the assignment is ready and the customer wants to cancel his/her order, no refunds will be awarded. Revisions might be awarded in such cases under some restrictions. In case the assignment expert finalized the paper but the client mentioned that there has been some misunderstanding in the request, then AssignmentExpert will offer free revisions. However, this service will be awarded for free only if the customer doesn’t make any change of instructions. In case the customer wants to change them, no free revision request will be accepted.

For cases when the client is not satisfied with the work delivered by AssignmentExpert professionals, then the customer can submit a refund request which will be administered by the customer support team. If the vendor concludes that the writers cannot meet the deadline, the support team will reach the client to propose a compromise for the deadline. Such situations might appear as expert availability depends on his/her proficiency level, peak times, and discipline. In case the deadline will be missed again, the support team will check each situation individually and come with a refund proposal based on each client’s inconvenience and effort deposited by the writer.

It is also worth mentioning that when processing payments via PayPal, clients will have to pay a fee of 3% of the amount paid. Therefore, in case of a refund, AssignmentExpert won’t give back the fee as well.

Even though the vendor gives details on how they handle refunds, we consider that their policy should be clearer. It is essential that the client understands how cancellation requests will be processed and what he/she should do to receive free revisions.

Is the Site Authorized?

We think that is a legit site. The first sign that led us to this conclusion was that it has a clear and professional structure. It is clear that AssignmentExpert worked with skilled web developers to reach this look. Also, the site allows clients to pay for their orders using cards and PayPal. This means that it has an encrypted system installed that secures payments and gives customers the peace of mind that their accounts aren’t put at any risk.


AssignmentExpert wins its clients with the following positive aspects:

  • 24/7 available customer support team
  • Friendly prices
  • A detailed list of services
  • Legit site
  • Secure payment methods


AssignmentExpert should work on improving the following areas:

  • Add more clarity to the refunds and revisions policies
  • Be more transparent when it comes to prices


AssignmentExpert manages to win its clients with a diverse list of services delivered by experts in different domains. The company works with professionals who can demonstrate solid experience on the topics they want to write about. Besides, clients can pay for the services ordered using safe and diverse payment methods. Customers are allowed to pay with their bank cards or via PayPal. On the other hand, we consider that the company should work more on providing clear details on the prices and discount policy. Also, they should work on the refunds and revisions policy and come with comprehensive rules that help clients understand how their requests are processed.