Reviews of the Best Essay Writing Service Online

Best essay writing service is important when you have many academic tasks to do. Students often use such services when they have no time for writing or when their deadlines get closer. These companies provide clients with writers who can complete any tasks. Academic help is very important when you work, have family, or speak another language. In this review, you will find info about best essay writing services. They always keep your information private, never break deadlines and deliver your papers on time. Essay writing services are very popular, many websites promise academic help. Still, how do you choose the right one? Our experts have prepared a list of best firms and some tips on how to recognize a legitimate firm. There are also a lot of writing companies that have free tools such as the best grammar checker for your paper. Read on to find out everything you wanted to know.

Best Essay Writing Service Reviews

There are plenty of essay writing services on the market. Many online websites offer you top guidance and academic assistance. We have looked through hundreds of websites and got you the 4 best. It was hard to choose, but we picked these best writing sites online – read below why.

Top-4 Writing Services

Most Popular
1. WritingUniverse
9.8 /10

WritingUniverse is famous for its top writing services and a vast base of samples. They have created 100K best papers that are top quality, well-written, and accurate. Every student can use them as an example for reference absolutely for free. You can order paid services if you haven’t found your topic in their free essays list. This company has professional writers who can handle any request. You can use free revisions option if you need to correct something in your essay. Company returns your money if you are dissatisfied with what you get. Still, that happens extremely rarely as this company is legit, professional, and accurate. We liked that WritingUniverse is a fast service that never breaks deadlines. This is essential for paper writing websites because students often need best papers done by a certain time. Sometimes, even a minute can result in zero points for an assignment. Writers at WritingUniverse know this and do everything to deliver essays fast.

Price starts: $11.99
Min deadline: 4 hours
Choose writer: No
Use of English: ESL&ENL
Best Quality
2. GrabMyEssay
9.6 /10

GrabMyEssay website provides its users with any kind of assistance. They cover a variety of subjects and assignments, such as Research, Thesis, Math problems, College essays, Copywriting, Editing, Proofreading, CV writing, and much more. It’s one of best essay writing sites with many subjects available. Samples of this firm are of best quality, which is one of the most important things. Samples are a generous gift from writers to customers. They help students to learn how to write and show professionalism of their employees. We liked that all writers of the company are experienced educators, native-speaking experts, and best professional writers. Such a team guarantees best essays for your request and topic. We were impressed as well with professionalism of their support team who are very polite, fast, and helpful. This company guarantees confidentiality when you order, register, or pay for services. This is truly one of the most impressive firms we’ve reviewed, GrabMyEssay is among best writing services.

Price starts: $14.99
Min deadline: 3 hrs
Choose writer: No
Use of English: ESL&ENL
Discounts: 15%
Urgent Delivery
3. TopEssayWriting
9.5 /10

TopEssayWriting is an experienced website that provides best service in many styles and subjects. You can order essays in MLA, APA, Chicago, Turabian, or Harvard styles. One of the pros of this service is its freebies. At this best essay writing website, you get a free title page, bibliography, in-text citations, and plagiarism check with your order. This way, you can save up to $70. Some options are available for an additional fee, for example, you will pay for urgent writer selection, top-10 writers, plagiarism report, or essay draft. These options aren’t compulsory but you can opt for them if you like. This company has great discounts for both new and steady customers. Their experts will write on any topic, including Healthcare, Math, Economics, Literature, Art, English, Philosophy, Business, MBA, etc. This is one of best-reviewed essay writing websites on the Net, which means a lot to us.

Price starts: $12.99
Min deadline: 6 hrs
Choose writer: No
Use of English: ESL&ENL
Best Price Offer
4. ProEssayService
9.4 /10

We really like our jobs. For years, we have made it our mission to be a consumer watchdog of the writing industry so that we can give our site users honest and forthright information about this hugely growing industry.

Top features:
  1. Best for high school students
  2. Best for PHD
  3. Discounts
  4. Free revisions
  5. Money Back Guarantee
  6. 100% Uniqueness
  7. Free Title Page
  8. Trusted and Secure
  9. Best for College Students
Price starts: $12.99
Min deadline: 6 hours
Choose writer: No
Use of English: ESL&ENL

Tips on Choosing Best Essay Writing Service 2022

Every potential customer of essay writing service should know how to choose a company. A perfect firm will provide you with many benefits, guarantee security, and give samples of their work. A good company is helpful, honest, and gives generous discounts. From our experience, best companies always have top writers and hiring policies. Before you pick company, we recommend to read reviews and pay attention to the points above:

How to Find a Legitimate Essay Writing Service

The first thing you need to know is that good services are average-priced. They have neither low nor high prices – usually, price is $11-$15 a page for High School essay type. If you see a service with a very low price, that might entice you to order there. But in fact, most of such services are fraud. They lure customers with a very low price and give plagiarized or badly-written essays in return.

To avoid scammers, always read customer feedback before buying. When you read essays reviews, you can see what real customers say about  service. If the firm has bad testimonials on most websites on the Internet, you might be sure that the service isn’t legit. There might be legit sites with mixed or good reviews. But if it’s a total scam, reviews will directly say so. For example, people will get bad quality writing, not get any service at all, or get plagiarized papers.

Finding Recommendations From Reddit Users

Reddit is a popular online forum where people can discuss any topic, including essay writing companies. This site is great, as you can see real reviews from real users. Remember that real customers will write in simple language and tell everything as it is. Even Reddit isn’t safe from fake paper writing services review, but they are a minority. In most cases, if a majority of reviews are good, you can trust this company. Remember that Reddit isn’t the only platform that talks about essay helpers. Be sure to check several websites with reviews before you make a final choice.

How to Find Plagiarism-free Essay Services

Originality is one of the most important things for a college essay. When you decide to use a paper writing service, first check if they produce best plagiarism-free essays. Use only legit services that give you free revisions. If the platform can revise your paper for free, there is less chance of plagiarism. For example, if you checked your essay and found a non-original sentence, a company will redo it for you for free. To be sure, read paper writing services reviews to check if a company produces original essays.

Read the policies on a company’s website. This will help you understand if it’s legit and if it gives you original papers. For example, if a company promises custom writing and checks their essays with plag tools, there are more reasons to trust it. Also, at best trustworthy companies, you can order a plagiarism report. In most cases, you need to pay for this report, but at least you can be sure that your essay is 100% authentic.

How to Detect a Fraud Writing Service

Unfortunately, essay writing market isn’t free of fraudulent websites. Be sure to read college paper writing service reviews to detect them. It’s quite easy to spot them on your own. For example, a fraud company will have a website with little to no info about a company. If you cannot find Privacy policies and Terms of Service, do not trust this site. They might use your data for their purposes.

Often, such websites will also have too low prices. It might attract some customers, but in fact, very low prices below $10 a page for High School level essays might mean that you won’t get good service. Instead, you will get copy-pasted or poorly written essays. When you choose, read reviews on the Net to make sure that service is safe to use.

Other Websites to Find Top Essay Writing Services

The Internet is full of review websites that are often useful. When you buy a product or service online, you often check them to get to know if it’s worth it. The same goes for essay writing services reviews. You can read testimonials and decide for yourself if you want to use a certain service. Here are websites that you can use for reading feedback:

  1. Trustpilot. This web page is really good for reading feedback. To write a review there, you need to be a real approved customer or employee. This is very handy because you might be sure that a site has honest testimonials. Trustpilot has information about many essay writer websites, which is convenient. In most cases, it’s very reliable. Still, sometimes companies approach dissatisfied customers and offer them money to remove negative feedback. Not all customers agree, but some do, be sure to read other websites than Trustpilot.
  2. Reddit. This online forum is popular among millions of users. It has a very informal style of communication, you have more chances of finding out what customers really think about this service. There might be fake reviews, but you can easily spot them – most users will directly point at this in comments.
  3. Sitejabber. This website is in a grey area. It sometimes deliberately writes bad reviews of essay writing sites, regardless of the good quality of essays. Companies then approach this website, and they have to pay to boost their rating. We think this is dishonest, we don’t recommend using this site for reading reviews.

How Much Should It Cost To Write An Essay?

Different firms in the essay writing market have various pricing policies. Some are cheap while others are more expensive. From our experience of reviewing, we can say that the best companies usually have pricing within the market average. Why does this happen? Best essay service has a balanced price that is neither too high nor too low. This way, they ensure that their service is affordable enough for customers. Their help is never too highly-priced. Also, the best companies never have extremely low prices. Low pricing means low salary for employees and support, as well as low website maintenance. In such services, employees are unhappy and leave fast, which is bad for paper quality. Plus, if prices are too low, a website might just be a scam.

What is the Pricing?

If you want to know which prices are the best, choose companies whose costs fall within the market average. This is $11-$15 a page for an easy, non-complicated essay. Note that these figures are the lowest you can get. You receive this price when you order an easy paper for College or High School, and pick long deadlines. When you order dissertation services or have a 3-hour deadline, price will be higher. For short deadlines or complicated works, best online essay writing services provide you with top writers who do their job fast but with high quality. For a thesis or research paper, services should match you with a specialist with a Ph.D., which costs more.

Can I Pay Someone for Writing Service?

Today, with the rise of the Internet and secure website connections, you can order essay writing of any kind. So, yes, it’s possible to pay someone to write your essay. Today, this is easy. Best college essay writing service can offer paper help at any time of the day, 24/7. It’s possible to order any kind of task like copywriting, CV, college or university essays, and even thesis or research. Companies employ many specialists in plenty of subjects like Math, Engineering, Healthcare, Medicine, Literature, Art, English, Philosophy, Psychology, Economics, MBA, Business, Accounting, etc. Today, you can have almost every kind of paper writing.

In the past, people used the help of their most advanced group mates to get their essays written. But this way wasn’t the best because there was no confidentiality. Today, you can order everything online, including papers from the best essay writers. Be sure to check the company’s privacy policies before an order. The firm should state that it never shares your data with any third party. Companies often use your data to contact you and send valuable offers by email. This is completely fine. Still, they shouldn’t share it with anyone else, their employees should obey a non-disclosure agreement, and they should have secure payment.


Can you trust all essay writing service reviews?

Many best essay writing service reviews are trustworthy. But not all testimonials on the Web may be trusted. It largely depends on the website and its content. For example, we don’t recommend using Sitejabber but it’s totally fine to use Reddit or Trustpilot. We also noticed that trustworthy feedback is detailed. Be sure to read customer’s comments to reviews to find out if the company is really worth it.

Is it safe to buy essays online?

This is safe if your company provides safety, security, and full confidentiality. When choosing a company, read their Privacy policies to find out how they protect customers. Apart from this, look at their payment security. Best online essay writing service will always guarantee you privacy when you order and pay. Buying online is safe when the company is legitimate. To find out if the website is legit, read their feedback and Terms & Conditions.

What is plagiarism and how can I avoid it?

Plagiarism is when somebody copies a piece of other people’s work without crediting them. For example, if somebody takes the idea or research of another person and poses it as their own, it’s plagiarism. Basically, plagiarism is stealing other people’s intellectual property. Remember that top essay writing service should have zero plagiarism. The professors at universities strictly prohibit non-original papers. To avoid it, you should do your original research and always credit your sources.

Read Reviews of Best Writing Services Online

When you decide to get your essay written and use Google to find top paper writing services, you might find plenty of different firms. Still, how to decide if they are legit? Our experience shows that best firms have good, informative websites with open pricing, services list, Privacy policies, Refund Policies, and Terms & Conditions. Read all of this info to decide if you want to order from this company. And don’t forget about reading customer feedback. Sometimes, the testimonials may help you when you hesitate whether you should use this service. Use many review sites, read info, and be sure to always pick best essay help for your essays.